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I am human… God is sovereign… so I pray…

Written by: on January 24, 2015

As I read through MaryKate Morse’s book “A Guidebook to Prayer: Twenty-Four Ways to Walk With God,” I realized two things. First, prayer should remind us of our humanity and second, prayer should remind us of God’s sovereignty. I think that these are the two things that we tend to forget the most. In a culture that values power and strength, our humanity is considered a sign of weakness, but it is our humanity that allows us to connect with one another and with God. If we hide our humanity, we hide from one another and we forfeit peace, joy and strength that God provides when we humble ourselves before him, and one another.

I wonder what our lives would look like if we took God’s sovereignty seriously. What would our prayers look like if we believed like Moses that our prayers could change the heart of God?

In the chapter where MaryKate covers healing prayer (p196) she points out that when we pray, we need to trust in:

  • God’s timing
  • God’s righteousness and justice
  • God’s mystery and universal sovereignty
  • God’s worthiness of our praise and trust.

Prayer is about who God is first, and who we are second. Prayer is putting our trust in God… it’s surrender… it’s acceptance… it’s the acceptance of our humanity and intentionally positioning ourselves under the sovereignty of God.

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