DMin, Leadership and Global Perspectives: Crafting Ministry in an Interconnected World

Chris Pritchett Prezi

Written by: on May 19, 2019


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Chris Pritchett

3 responses to “Chris Pritchett Prezi”

  1. mm Jason Turbeville says:

    I really enjoyed your presentation and your focus on Spiritual practices. I struggle with those myself and wish I was better at them.


  2. mm Jay Forseth says:


    I will never forget your final slide with the “two fat people in a boat bumping into each other…”

    Well done!


  3. Mary Pandiani says:

    Chris – you weave a deep understanding of yourself and the world with strands of humor, embedded in the creativity and vulnerability of your soul. Thank you for sharing who you are with us. May we all find ourselves bumping into God wherever we might be.

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