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Challenges Make Us Wiser.

Written by: on May 13, 2019

We’re in the middle of change in our ministry organization and this book could not have come at a better time. I’ve been in leadership for long to realize that change is the law of life, you simply cannot avoid it, the natural thing would be to be armed on how to successfully manage change. Diane’s book is thus a refreshing tool for leaders who want to successfully navigate through change. I see the book as go to resource for us as we go through an important time of change.
One of my learning experiences on change management has been our efforts in the ministry organization to bring on board new people in management in an effort to introduce new ideas. In our minds, we were convinced that bringing experienced leaders from bigger organizations would help us achieve the desired change but its been frustrating because these new managers soon get absorbed into the existing organizational culture. The culture of an organization is difficult to change yet change cannot be effected without changing the organizational culture. New employees find it hard to bring changes due to resistance and are soon absorbed into the culture, frustrating their efforts to bring change. It became very clear to the leadership that change can only be effective when we understand the existing organizational culture and making efforts to change the culture to support the desired change. The most effective way of bringing change is by changing the culture which helps to change how everyone in the organization does things, changing the values and objectives of the organization and creating urgency for change. It was easy for me to understand Diane Zemke’s emphasis on understanding the culture of a congregation to bring about change.
Leadership is about managing change because change is constant and is the law of life, this therefore designates great necessity for leaders to manage change to ensure that the organization benefits from the maximizing on opportunities while minimizing the negative effect of challenges. This is indeed a timely book that Diane says was intended as tool that church leaders can use to be smart at effecting change in congregations .
As a cohort, our group is made up of leaders who are serving in different contexts of church work and are leading congregations. I’m sure we have all been at a place where we feel the need for change and have been frustrated by failure to achieve the desired change. I believe That Diane has placed into our hands, a handy toolbox of for effecting change in our congregations and organizations, at least for me it’s a practical handbook for managing change. The world has become complex according to Jennifer Gerber in her book ‘Simple Habits for Complex Times’ and effecting change requires one to be smart with the right tools for change. I feel empowered as a leader who is presently presiding over a change process to reposition our ministry for more growth and expansion. I will definitely use this books as a toolbox and share with others leaders in the ministry.

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Wallace Kamau

Wallace is a believer in Christ, Married to Mary Kamau (Founder and Executive Director of Missions of Hope International) and father to 3 Wonderful children, Imani Kamau (Graduate student at London School of Economics, UK), Victory Kamau (Undergraduate student at Portland state University, Oregon, USA) and David Kamau ( Grade student at Rosslyn Academy). Founder and Director, Missions of Hope International (, CPA, BAchelor of Commerce (Accounting) from University of Nairobi, Masters of Arts (Leadership) from Pan African Christian University.

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  1. Harry Fritzenschaft says:

    Thanks for sharing where you and your organization are within the life cycle of change. Many blessings on you as you utilize Zemke’s “toolbox” to help you navigate the process! Thanks again for sharing.

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