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Shipwrecked and the Moral Compass

By: on February 24, 2020

During January, we had an awkward amount of time between the end of examination period and the Lunar New Year holiday.  There wasn’t enough time to begin a new unit or do any “real” teaching, so I pulled out one of the more interesting group discussions for a class activity.  The premise was simple: A…


Only Incidental

By: on January 25, 2020

“No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.” Jesus of Nazareth “Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes.” Carl Jung This is a subject that I do…


Times Have Changed

By: on January 16, 2020

If the thickness of a book tells the reader anything, then one only has to look at Charles Taylor’s 900-page work, A Secular Age, to know they are in for a journey of serious academic reading. Taylor aims to sketch out a historical timeline of the secular while also framing our current reality in secularism.[1]…


Is Leadership Worth It?

By: on September 4, 2019

Recent figures value the US leadership development industry at nearly $14 billion.[1] The Church Growth Movement, a corollary movement in the arena of church culture, has also seen an explosion in influence over the past six decades.[2] While statistical measurements of monetary output and numerical growth point to signs of success within the leadership space…


There’s Gold In Them Thar Hills

By: on June 20, 2019

I absolutely love reading Tom Camacho, Mining for Gold: Developing Kingdom Leaders Through Coaching. I spoke to me on many different levels, and while it was not the most prolific academic work we have read thus far, it is powerful, practical and I would even add prophetic for where leadership is going.   Camacho self…


Diversity is a Key to Gen Z

By: on May 9, 2019

Diane Zemke holds a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University, with a focus on enacting congregational change. Zemke, in Being SMART About Congregational Change, writes about the tools and resources necessary to enact, embrace and encounter congregational change. Zemke provides an easy to read but insightful book that is laid out in three sections.…


Is The World Still Big?

By: on January 31, 2019

The common thought is, we live a big world that has become small, through the progression of humanity on the tidal wave technology. Polanyi walks us through the history and progression towards a “free market” world that in turn connects humanity via the financial aspect.[1] Bebbington in his work, Evangelicalism in Modern Britain[2], shows not…


Leadership Shift

By: on November 15, 2018

One of the most impactful sermon series we do every year in the youth ministry is our series focused on identity. I learned very quickly that young people desire to “know” who they are and respond great to messages on identity. The response we so overwhelming year after year that we try to incorporate in…


The Healing Potential of Fence-Sitting

By: on November 1, 2018

I’m likely not alone in this, but I can easily get sucked into a vortex where time seems to be accelerated and hours pass like minutes. This vortex is facebook. Of course my social media drug of choice is highly influenced by my age and I know that there is an ever growing collection of…


Reading Never Got Harder.

By: on October 12, 2018

I have always had it very easy getting my books on Amazon and mostly in kindle version and earned some reasonable credit to enable me get some free books to my credit. It was therefore with such confidence that I put off acquiring the book “How to Talk About Books that you Haven’t Read” by…


Oh to Inspire!

By: on September 15, 2018

I had to do a word search to confirm my suspicions after this week’s reading; the fact I found was that neither God, Jesus, the church, or Christianity were mentioned a single time in this reading. Though normally I might voice my objection to this, being this is an evangelism course, instead, I found this…


Forget the Imagery

By: on November 11, 2016

Since we have used our imagination to create supply and demand, what if we removed the imagery of an ape evolving into a man, would we find human collectiveness growing into greed or consumerism? I never forgot taking one of my cultural class in grad school with Alan Hirsch. We had some intense dialogue during…


Don’t Get Punked

By: on October 12, 2016

Was this book written as a forewarning for America’s upcoming election? Hmmm…. Before diving into the content of this book, let’s focus a little on the “why” portion of this book. The author believes there’s a “rampant sabotaging of leaders” that exist in our American society that creates a reactive atmosphere and a regressive mood…