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You lost me

By: on April 13, 2020

The question of why youth leaving the Church has long circulated in the minds of youth leaders. In addition to the weakness of our denomination, the Free Methodist with the leadership of women. We have a challenge that lacks young leadership.  Why do young people leave the Church? The study was published by St. Mary’s…


Max Weber.

By: on January 29, 2020

The pre-suppose. «Max Weber presupposes, in Protestant ethics and the spirit of capitalism, the existence of the relationship of which he studies only modalities. The de chain of circumstances’ ends in a ‘causal chain.’ His question begins like this: ‘How do some religious beliefs determine the emergence of an economy mentality,’ in other words, the…


The Truth is Out There

By: on February 22, 2018

Perhaps watching episodes of the X-Files while reading Heath & Potter’s book “The Rebel Sell” was not the wisest decision I made this week. While taking my journey through communism to consumerism, and trying to visualize things through the eyes of Kurt Cobain, Adolph Hitler, Sigmund Freud and Fox Mulder, I kept hoping to myself…the…