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Beginning to Discover Why!

Written by: on June 26, 2013

This past September I turned the big 40.  No mid-life crisis, no motorcycle (did that in my 20’s), just a deep desire to finally go hard after what I am passionate about. Most of the first portion of my life was spent living out others dreams, finding my identity and healing from my past. Now, I just simply want to give my time to what I believe matters.  Over the past few years I have begun to discover that I love caring for others, making disciples and restoring others through healthy spiritual formation.

This past week while reading “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek, I was reminded of the why I exist. Caring for others in a spiritually formative way which is restorative in bringing forth physical, emotional and spiritual health.  That’s it.  For years now, I have used the statement, “healthy people produce healthy people.” Yet so many leaders in our western model of church are leading out of a truncated formation that leaves them in a place of endless production and subsequently exhaustion.


The Why… We pass on what we know.  Our kids act a lot like us, whether we want to admit it or not.  So do those who we disciple.  With so many western spiritual leaders living and serving out of a consumeristic production model, many have found themselves in a place of spiritual depletion, exhaustion and for some “burnout”. My passion
extends to caring for these individuals in a way that is holistic and restorative.  What if these individuals could navigate to a place of healthy formation, living an undivided life, and re-engaged in their respective ministry?  How would their health impact each of these ministries?

The How… One at a time.  In this hyper technology society many feel as though they are just another number, waiting on hold to speak with a pre-recorded message.  Those hurting need to see the image of God in us up close and personal.  The how, one at a time, being the representation of care and a tether to those who hurt.

The What… Currently I am running a spiritual formation network for local and regional youth workers called Project Renovation.  Through this network we provide renewal and resourcing through various retreats, equipping experiences and spiritual direction.  Throughout this semester I have been prompted to begin the process of exploring what this could look like for the broader church. It may take some leaps of faith, so if you’re reading please pray for wisdom.

Post 40 I really want to press hard after what I was created to do.  The Why.

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