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Епілог-Epilogue (Ukrainian)

Written by: on April 22, 2023

Епілог-Epilogue (Ukrainian)

Today, an online magazine article from one of my “go to” magazines presented itself.  Listed on the Christian Realist Providence Magazine, I read Ed Meador’s article about “Apocalypse Now:  The Revelations of Vladimir Putin.”

Meador writes, “Now, following decades of deception, Putin has unveiled his heart of KGB darkness, outrageously demonstrating just how much evil one human being can inflict. Deep in the darkness of extreme narcissism, Putin has embraced tyranny.  Lust for absolute sovereignty has disabled his capacity for reason, compassion, law, truth, human decency and just governance—his skull obstinate, his chest petrified.” [1]

As we study leadership in the ivory tower of academia, I return to my favorite rant that while the world is spinning by our tower windows, where we are studiously studying western civilian leadership philosophies, the leaders of several major countries are changing the world.  When we step out the gates of our tower, will we find the world the same as we left it?

I would suggest that we look at some oldies but goodies like, Reinhold Niebuhr’s book Moral Man and immoral society: a study in ethics and politics.[2] As a reminder, Neibuhr spoke out against U.S. pacifism during America’s initial hesitancy in entering World War II.

It is clear that Putin is not realizing that he is a defended leader[3] as Simon Walker describes. Walker writes, “The most dangerous kind of person is the one with a great deal of power who denies that they have any, or who denies that power is a fundamental factor in their leadership.  This is the strategy of what I call ‘defended leaders’.[4]

Another article in Providence writes…America’s Eagle Bears Two Talons: John F. Kennedy  it is well worth the read. Robert Morrison on April 17, 2023

But I digress.

Greg Satell’s book, Cascades: How to create a movement that drives transformational change, is excellent.  Satell ties the cascade of change in the Euromaiden revolution in Ukraine as an example of how evil leaders may be defeated. Given the current war in Ukraine, this seems entirely relevant.  One hopes that ‘Cascades’ resonates in the heartbeat of Russian peace activists.

Satell writes, “Political disruptions are, of course, nothing new, but the Orange Revolution is where I began to understand the power of cascades.  I became intensely interested about why some movements succeed and others just flame out.”[5]  He gives other examples of cascading changes caused by Ghandi, Mandela and others.

Satell’s last chapter provides considerable insight for initiating cascades of changes of our own. In the chapter entitled, Afterword – Leading toward common ground he provides 6 steps to begin our own cascade of change.  I avidly apply them here alongside my NPO efforts to change the heuristic biases[6] that U.S. politics have towards Refugee Resettlement – 1st 30 days of U.S. Resettlement.

Step 1:  Identify A Keystone change. [7]

  1. A keystone change needs to be a concrete and tangible goal.
  2. A Keystone change unites diverse stakeholders in the Spectrum of Allies and Pillars of Support.
  3. A keystone change paves the way for future change.

NPO application:  1) Provide a jumpstart tool (Interlinkt – Linking Internationals to their new homeland) that churches and their volunteers can use to wrap themselves around the international newcomer. 2) While there is tremendous debate for and against refugees, there is a strong thread of love for the “stranger amongst us” within churches.  Finding the hubs of churches that are willing to take Interlinkt – the resettlement app and use it for the international newcomer in their communities is a goal. 3) Resettling refugees is just the start, Humanitarian Parolees, Asylum seekers and others represent phase 2,3, etc.…of the Interlinkt program

Step 2: Make a plan – Identify, specifically, who you need to win over to bring change (p 231).

NPO application: Large denominations (Baptist, Methodist, Catholics) have tremendous reach.  There are also 10 U.S. Resettlement Agencies that need to ‘buy in’ to the use of the telephone app.

Step 3: Build a network of small groups – Successful movements are rooted in network cascades, and cascades are built upon small world networks (p.232).

NPO Application: Currently, still searching for hubs/groups of churches that will test and provide feedback on the Interlinkt App.  So far there is one Oregon, one Minnesota, two Texas and one hub in Atlanta that are interested in participation.

Step 4: Indoctrinate Genomes of Values – Yet shared purpose will soon disintegrate in the face of adversity if there are not shared values. (And remember, values cost something, if not, they are merely platitudes (p. 233).

NPO Application: Deuteronomy 10:18 He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the foreigner residing among you, giving them food and clothing. Along with 36 other verses that speak to the alien amongst us, are the biblical mandate that calls us to love the “stranger.”

Step 5: Create platforms for participation, mobilization and connection (p.234).  The reason that nonviolent uprisings deliver better results than violent ones is that they invite participation.

NPO Application: Yikes, social media exploration is a current weak spot.  Facebook, Instagram, and others need to be established so that the hubs can provide feedback.  The initial Interlinkt website/app will have some limited places for feedback and comment.

Step 6: Survive Victory – Successful movements survive victory by staying true to their values even after the initial triumph.  Euromaiden succeeded where the Orange revolution failed because it continued to promote its values after Yanukovych had been removed from office (p.234).

NPO Application: Phase 1 is focused on legal refugees.  Phase two will expand to Humanitarian Parolees and Asylum Seekers.

In short, Satell has given me a template that will drive my NPO development this summer (2023)!

[1] Ed Meador, “Apocalypse Now: The Revelations of Vladimir Putin,” Providence, April 10, 2023, https://providencemag.com/2023/04/apocalypse-now-the-revelations-of-vladimir-putin/.

[2] Reinhold Niebuhr, Moral Man and Immoral Society: A Study in Ethics and Politics, Second edition, Library of Theological Ethics (Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 2013).

[3] Simon P. Walker, Leading out of Who You Are: Discovering the Secret of Undefended Leadership (Carlisle: Piquant, 2007).

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[5] Greg Satell, Cascades: How to Create a Movement That Drives Transformational Change, 1 Edition (New York: McGraw-Hill Education, 2019), 28.

[6] Daniel Kahneman, Thinking, Fast and Slow, 1st ed (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2011),7..

[7] Satell, Cascades, 231.

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Russell Chun

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8 responses to “Епілог-Epilogue (Ukrainian)”

  1. mm Jonita Fair-Payton says:


    I love the way you applied this book to your NPO. I also found so much value in the keystone change system. Out of all the readings, which do you believe will have to greatest application to you NPO?

    • mm Russell Chun says:

      Hi Jonita,
      Actually I have to say that Chivers,Duffy and Kahneman gave me a different way of addressing the polarization of the discussion. Misperceptions abound! However, now I have a feeling for WHY! So those are my top three.

      I am thinking about expanding my NPO portion about some more spiritual talk about churches/volunteering and how WE can step to the plate without waiting for legislation to respond.

      My prediction…nothing will be done by Congress, so WE will have to step to the plate. I think this is where I am going to use Cascade (small groups as the basis for my new wave of immigration volunteerism).

      Thanks for asking! ….shalom…Russ

  2. Jenny Dooley says:

    Russell, I love this thought, “I am thinking about expanding my NPO portion about some more spiritual talk about churches/volunteering and how WE can step to the plate without waiting for legislation to respond.” What are your ideas about how churches can help? I thought Satell offered a template as well. In one sentence, what is the shared value that you hope to indoctrinate? Thanks for being so supportive this year and especially for your prayers! Have a great summer!

    • mm Russell Chun says:

      Hi Prof Jenny,
      My one time of being involved in a Cascade was the USDA Farmers to Family Food Program. 41 Small and medium sized churches fed 286,000 plus people. The one year exercise showed me that churches will respond to a need that the government is struggling to solve.

      Churches don’t need to wait on government action.

      Guiding principle for my NPO is the 36 verses in the Old Testament that guide believers to work with the Alien amongst us.

      Forgetting political divisions, the church can respond to the immediate needs of refugees arriving in their communities. They just need a jumpstart.

      Great post….Shalom…Russ

  3. mm Tim Clark says:

    Russell, I love that you outlined a practical plan aligned with the principles of this book. That was a really great way of responding to this. And though it’s too late for me to do that in my blog, encourages me to think about how these principles can impact my NPO and the church I pastor.

    It’s been great being in class with you.

    • mm Russell Chun says:

      Hello Professor Tim,

      I think I might be NPO fixated, one of the things I hope to do is create English version of the Telephone App by this summer and then farm it out for translation. (Spanish, Swahili, Dari/Pashtu, Arabic, Ukrainian. (more to come later). THEN I had a new thought. I would make it accessible to our cohort for Beta testing.

      I have four regional areas that are online, but it hit me that our some of our cohort might have access to refugees! (what a small revelation).

      Stay tuned…Shalom…Russ

  4. Kally Elliott says:

    “As we study leadership in the ivory tower of academia, I return to my favorite rant that while the world is spinning by our tower windows, where we are studiously studying western civilian leadership philosophies, the leaders of several major countries are changing the world. When we step out the gates of our tower, will we find the world the same as we left it?” Um, thanks for that conviction.

    Also, I’d like to nominate another defended (used to be) leader…. His name starts with a T and he named a tower after himself in NYC.

    Also, Russell, I’m so glad to have met you and grateful for the care you showed me in South Africa and all the way back to the USA. I look forward to two more years in the ivory tower with you! Thanks for your friendship.

    • mm Russell Chun says:

      I was warned that I was “T” bashing in one of my essays, so I need to select someone who is equally toxic in regards to immigration.

      Fortunately, like Rapunzel, I shall let down my hair so that we can come and go between the world heading for war and our ivory tower.

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