Experiential Ministries: Mt. Hood

Part of Saturday's group poses for a photo on a Mt. Hood snowshoe trail. After a rainy start, the weather turned bright and sunny.

Experiential Ministries is a recently-formed organization that takes students into nature in order to experience the beauty of creation and the Creator. Paige Copenhaven, the Experiential Ministries Chaplain, led a group of students on a snowshoe adventure on Mount Hood on Saturday. During lunch, students shared how natural experiences had taught them lessons about God. Micah Schuler spoke about how detail God put into nature, right down to the design of tree bark, and Nick Largusa shared how inspiring it was to escape the busyness of every day life and enjoy the calm beauty of the forest.

It was a great day! Check out the video and photo slideshow below.

Experiential Ministries: Mt. Hood – Images by George Fox University