Meet the Class of 2014: Zach Hegelmeyer

heg--1-3Hometown: Crescent City, Calif.
Major: Organizational communication (minors in entrepreneurship and management)

Q: How would you describe your experience at George Fox?

A: When I look back at my time here, I see a multitude of amazing people I got to know and countless memories I will always cherish. However, many of these moments began as challenges. I came to Fox to play baseball for a highly respected program. Although my classes have been awesome in preparing me to succeed in the future, my four years as a player on the George Fox University baseball team have forced me to come face-to-face with adversity and prevail over it. One of my assistant coaches, Randy Rutschman, taught me how to embrace these challenges with a confident and positive mentality in order conquer them. Life has a way of throwing curveballs, and after bouncing back from two severe injuries that I was told would end my athletic career, I had to find a way to win. That seemed to be the theme while I was here. Not that winning was most important – it was more about the character I built along the way. On the baseball team here we call each other family, but I have also felt this same characteristic extend to the university as a whole. With the support of some amazing professors, loyal friends and very special mentors, I can enter into a new chapter of my life with the confidence to excel at whatever I choose to do.
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Meet the Class of 2014: Lacey McNay

LaceyHometown: Quincy, Wash.
Major: Elementary education (endorsements in middle school science & ESOL)

Q: How would you describe your experience at George Fox?

A: Looking back, my experience at George Fox has formed a colorful and unique tapestry with relationships, fun and learning patched together with the red thread of Jesus weaved throughout it all. There are so many great memories that l will remember from my time here, including: going on walkabout, being the RA of Pennington 2, hiking up to Multnomah Falls at 11:30 p.m. with friends the Thursday before finals week, traveling through Europe on Juniors Abroad with some of my best friends, and getting to spend my senior year here with my sister Libby, who is a freshman!

Some of the people who have had the biggest impact on me would definitely be my professors. I admire the ways they have challenged me and offered me their support as I have learned about and tried my wings at teaching. They never hesitated to remind me to think critically and to try something new, whether it was a new way to teach a concept or to integrate technology into the classroom. There were times I would try something and it would completely flop and yet they would be right there asking me how I could tweak it to make it work. They never gave up on me, and that is a gift I will always cherish!
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Meet the Class of 2014: Alex Inzhirov

IMG_6996Hometown: Woodburn, Ore. (born in Izyum, Ukraine)
Majors: Accounting and Finance

Q: How would you describe your experience at George Fox?

A: George Fox provided me with great experiences and opportunities for learning. These four years have gone by fast but they were filled with memories and growth both spiritually and academically. I have been prepared for life after Fox thanks to my professors, who were effective in teaching and taking time out of their busy schedules to sit down and talk about things beyond education and career. I appreciate the time spent here, and a special thanks to Josh Sauerwein and Seth Sikkema for making accounting fun while still teaching me what I will need to know for my career.

I will remember the Christ-like environment and community that I have really enjoyed at Fox, as it will be different in the business world. I’m thankful for all of my friends and family who supported me and were there in the difficult times. Being at Fox has taught me to continue learning and growing, always.
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Meet the Class of 2014: Casey Siuniak

Casey SiuniakHometown: Santa Paula, Calif.
Major: Engineering (electrical)

Q: How would you describe your experience at George Fox?

A: I will remember my engineering professors, and how they all were great role models of how to be a Christian in a secular-dominated field. I think that there are many people who believe that Christianity and science do not go together; you can either be a believer of science or a Christian. However, my professors have shown me that is not true – you can be a great physicist, scientist or engineer and still be a strong Christian.

My freshman year roommate, Jessica Spivey, has had a big impact on my life. We have lived together three out of four years during our time here, and I could not have asked for a better friend and roommate. I am so thankful that we were placed together as roommates – otherwise I don’t think we would have ever even become friends. She has been a great example to me of what it is to be a Christian. She is truly one of the most honest, hardworking, Christ-loving, loyal people I have ever met. She has really served as an inspiration to me during my time here, and I believe that she will be a life-long friend, long after Fox.
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Meet the Class of 2014: Madelyn Larson

fall 2012 headshots-024Hometown: Battle Ground, Wash.
Major: Theatre (concentration in acting/directing)

Q: How would you describe your experience at George Fox?

A: Not to be cliché, but my experience at George Fox has been life changing. I’ve never felt more loved and known within a group of people than I have in the theatre department. I love that the faculty want to know me, and they encourage me. Rhett Luedtke and Bryan Boyd have probably impacted me more than anyone at Fox. They have been there to support me in my craft of theatre as I strive to be a servant storyteller.

Q: How have you changed or grown since coming to George Fox?

A: Since coming to Fox, I’ve learned a lot about what it means to be an example of Christ, especially in a secular art such as theatre. I look back at who I was my freshman year at Fox and can’t help but appreciate God’s work in my life. He took an insecure girl with no guidance, turned her into a woman of confidence and instilled a passion for storytelling in her heart. He constantly shows Himself through theatre, faculty, friends and the atmosphere at Fox. I remember my first time on the Wood-Mar stage, and finally feeling like I was home, that God had a purpose for me at Fox and in theatre.
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Meet the Class of 2014: Jessica Jocoy

IMG_6923Name: Jessica Rose Jocoy
Hometown: Myrtle Creek, Ore.
Major: Nursing

Q: How would you describe your experience at George Fox?

A: I am so grateful to have had the experience to complete my nursing education at George Fox University. I originally was uninterested in attending Fox because I had lived in Oregon my whole life. However, in the fall after high school graduation, I found myself in Newberg and surrounded by Christian professors and students; I fell in love with the school. I had the privilege to meet students from many different locations and be part of a tight-knit group of friends. One of the things that I will remember the most is the beauty of the quad, whether it be the flowers in the summer, green grass in the winter, daffodils in the spring, or the melodious chimes of the clock tower. The professors at this school have also had a big impact on my life. They taught me how to think independently, be committed to a life of learning, and have shown me how to apply the knowledge that I have obtained. My nursing school experience is one that I will never forget. It tested me in every way possible but I feel that it has prepared me for my practice as a nurse and it has made me continually reach to be a better person. I will never forget all of the memorable moments that I have made at George Fox University.
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Meet the Class of 2014: Benjamin Holtrop

Ben HoltropName: Benjamin Holtrop
Hometown: Independence, Ore.
Major: Art (concentration in studio art – photography and mixed media)

Q: How would you describe your experience at George Fox?

A: My experience at George Fox has been one that has deeply influenced my life. I have learned so much about community, trust and faith through faculty and friends. I can remember freshman year being so excited to be part of this community and thinking to myself, “I have four years of this!” and being super excited. I have grown so much in my decision-making; and through mistakes, papers and tests, I have found that life is short so just go for it. The grace that is shown at Fox has allowed me to really learn about myself and to honestly ask questions about life. I can’t believe that those four years are rapidly coming to a close. I will truly miss this place.
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Meet the Class of 2014: Trevor Fekkes

Trevor FekkesName: Trevor Fekkes
Hometown: Camano Island, WA
Major: Accounting

Q: How would you describe your experience at George Fox?

A: George Fox has been instrumental in shaping my personal and career growth. My professors, specifically Seth Sikkema and Josh Sauerwein, have prepared me well for life after Fox. They have had the biggest impact on my education and knowledge in accounting, as well as being great mentors. I feel blessed and lucky to have had them as professors.

My favorite memories will come from hanging out with my friends and roommates, playing Thursday night Frisbee and watching my Seahawks go all the way. I’ve learned to have a curious mind and that success comes from doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

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Meet the Class of 2014: Renee Geck

Hometown: Everett, Wash.
Major: Biology (cell and molecular) with minors in mathematics and chemistry

Q: How would you describe your experience at George Fox?

A: My time at George Fox has enriched so many areas of my life. I have made fantastic friends, gained knowledge in diverse fields, and had unique opportunities inside and outside of my major. I was blessed with a tight-knit freshman floor, so we had a lot of fun together and some of those women are still among my closest friends. I also connected well with my major department, especially doing breast cancer research with Dr. John Schmitt. He has been a wonderful mentor to me, and those summers helped me determine what I want to do in the future.

One of the fantastic things about George Fox is all the opportunities to explore different disciplines and issues. Even with commitments to my major, I was able to take classes in math (which I love!), play in band, and be a member of the International Justice Mission Club for all four year I’ve been here. I’ve also taken “just for fun” classes in art, history and religion, as well as a spectacular Juniors Abroad trip to Greece. To me, that balance of strength in my major as well as ways to pursue other passions has created an invigorating and exciting course for my time at George Fox.
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What would George Fox say about ‘What Does George Fox Say?’

By Jamie Johnson, PhD
Associate University Pastor and Director of the Friends Leadership Program

It must have been a moment of weakness for me. A few months ago, as the internet was obsessed with attempting to discern the sound of a fox, I cued up the viral Ylvis video, The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?), and played it for my three young children. What I assumed would be a passing fad soon turned into a daily obsession, and not a day (not a moment?) passed without hearing one of them humming the chorus or mimicking the easy-to-remember noises a fox apparently makes.
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