My Be Known Story

By Jared Larson (’15), psychology major

Being known academically is a promise that our university holds to high standards. When I think back to when a professor has academically challenged, encouraged and pushed me to my limits, I think of Sue O’Donnell.

Sue is a psychology professor at George Fox. Her main focus is on developmental psychology. Some of the classes she teaches are Child Development, Adolescent Development and Research Methods.
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What it means to ‘Be Known’

By Kali LeFebre (’14)

Be Known.

Only two words, but when put together can mean a variety of things. That phrase can be a command, a challenge, or a direction. For George Fox University the ‘Be Known’ phrase is a promise.

One reason I chose George Fox, is because they promised to make me feel known as an individual. From the first moment I visited campus, I didn’t just feel like another student, I felt like an individual. Read More

Looking back at my time as a Bruin

By Megan Arnoldy, Class of 2014

The change of seasons from summer to fall comes with a number of different things: pumpkin spice lattes, brisk mornings, colorful leaves, and of course, basketball season. As many students around campus get excited for the holiday season, the George Fox women’s basketball team gets ready to lace up for preseason games. October and November mark the start of basketball season and we couldn’t be happier. Read More

Res-Life Retreat Recap

Find out what it’s like to be part of the Residence Life team at George Fox

By Jared Larson (’15)

Earlier this month the Houses and Apartments East Residence Life Staff went on a retreat to Oceanside, Ore. All 12 crazy RAs, our AAC, our goofy area coordinator, her husband and two kids went on the retreat. I had never been to Oceanside before. I was told it was 10 miles outside of Tillamook and there was no cell phone service. I knew this trip was going to be a good one – I could feel it! Read More

Swimming with the Sharks at i-Day

Senior business majors got a heavy dose of real-world experience this semester at i-Day, an event where they pitched their Senior Business Capstone projects to a panel of judges consisting of highly successful business executives. On the line was a share of $12,000 (split between 16 teams) with which they would fund real businesses during their final year at George Fox.

But the money would not be split evenly. Similar to the popular TV show Shark Tank, the panel of executives would decide how much money each team got based on their presentation. The panel consisted of five “sharks” who had already made their mark on the business world: Phil Autrey (Partner, Kitchen Sink Holdings, LLC), Dave Barram (former CFO of Apple), Ruth Bennett (former CFO of Bonneville Power), Laurie Koehler (Consumer Campaigns Activation Manger, Intel) and Walt Truelson (Founder, Truelson Associates).

What was it like to swim with these “sharks”? We asked three students to share their experiences.
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My Study Abroad Experience: India

By Kelly Uchiumi (’14)

Vannakam! That means ‘hello’ in Tamil, the main language spoken in the state Tamil Nadu in India. Last fall I had the opportunity through George Fox to study for a semester in India and it has forever changed my life. When I first came to campus as a freshman I knew that I wanted to study abroad. I met with my enrollment counselor to look over my classes to make sure I would still graduate on time and picked India because it would allow me to take a global business class and have a rich cultural experience.

For three and a half months I took classes at a local university. Some of my favorite classes were Indian cuisine, where we learned how to cook with various spices and make regional dishes, and my weekly business internship at an outsourced accounting firm in the city. One of my favorite dishes to make and eat is coconut chutney with dosa, a very thin crepe made out of rice. I ate with my right hand everyday (because utensils are not used in India!) and learned how to bargain with a rickshaw driver to drive me to my internship every week. Read More

To Be Known and Be Heard

By Keri Potter (’15)

‘Be Known’ is a George Fox slogan that is thrown around in casual conversation on campus all the time. Yes, George Fox is a place to be known. With an emphasis on small class sizes, different clubs and service projects, it is easy to be plugged in and known in the George Fox Community. But, what about being heard? Read More