What to Expect from Bruin Preview

By Heather DeRosa (’14)

Bruin Preview is a time here at George Fox when we literally open up campus to prospective students to show them just how great GFU really is. Prospective students get the chance to meet professors, hang out with current students, spend the night in the dorms, attend classes and in general get an idea of what university life is all about.
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George Fox Has Talent

By Heather DeRosa (’14), Photo by Shekinah Davis (’15)

George Fox students recently got a chance to showcase the best of their talents at the World’s Got Talent show. Sophomore Onjalai Flake hosted the event. Not only did World’s Got Talent provide an evening of fun and laughter for students, it was also used as a fundraiser for SCORR, an annual conference to equip student leaders with tools needed to start racial reconciliation.

World’s Got Talent was one of many events that were part of GFU’s Cultural Celebration Week. This event in particular focused on students from other cultures and other parts of the world showing off their talent.
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Students Put on a Show at Annual Lip Sync Competition

By Heather DeRosa (’14), Photos by Shekinah Davis (’15)

Recently George Fox ASC hosted its annual Lip Sync competition. This year the inspiration for skits came from Saturday Night Live, “Gangnam Style,” PBS, Batman and even University President Robin Baker.

This year, MCs Chris Benjamin and Tashawna Gordon relied heavily on audience participation to make the evening even more hysterical. In between every lip sync act, Chris and Tashawna would ask for audience volunteers to come up to compete in activities like coming up with the best Bruin cheer, who can imitate Chris the best, who can come up with the best pick up line, and lastly a dance off. The winners of each game got to sit at the winners table to be waited on while enjoying a fried chicken, corn bread, spaghetti and Kool-Aid dinner.
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Mikaela Alexander’s Semester Abroad Experience in Rwanda

By Heather DeRosa (’14)

Mikaela Alexander is a senior Christian ministries major with an emphasis in missions. Mikaela is one of those people who constantly bring joy and love to those around her; her contagious laughter and energetic personality make her someone worth getting to know. She spent time studying abroad this spring in Rwanda, and recently shared about her time abroad and how it has impacted and changed her.
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Meet Your Homecoming King and Queen

By Heather DeRosa (’14), photo by Emily Jackson (’16)

Meet Joe Djanga and Tracy Berg, this year’s Homecoming king and queen. Joe is from Beaverton, Ore., and is an athletic training major. Tracy is a business major from Corvallis, Ore. Tracy will graduate this spring, and Joe will graduate once he finishes the athletic training program in a few years. Interesting fact: Tracy was a Homecoming princess her freshman year, and now homecoming queen her senior year. Tracy’s roommate described her experiences on homecoming court as bookends to her time at George Fox.
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Theatre Preview: The Servant of Two Masters

By Heather DeRosa (’14), photos by Shekinah Davis (’15)

What: The Servant of Two Masters, performed by the George Fox University Theatre Department
When: Oct. 25-27 & Nov. 1-3 at 7:30 p.m.; Oct. 28 & Nov. 4 at 2 p.m.
Tickets: University Box Office

The Servant of Two Masters is set to open in Wood-Mar Auditorium tonight. Originally written in 1743 by playwright Carlo Goldoni, the production offers audiences a classic comedy written in the Italian tradition of Commedia Dell’ Arte.

“This play is about a servant who happens upon two different masters and just the chaos that is involved in that because the masters do not know he is serving them both at the same time,” explained stage manager Kimberly Russell, who was careful to not give too much of the story away for those who aren’t familiar with the play. “They are both staying at the same inn in two different rooms. He’s going back and forth between the two. At the same time the two masters are lovers; one is a woman dressed up as a man. There’s just a lot of comedy involved.” Read More

What are you doing this weekend?

By Heather DeRosa (’14)

Today I set out to to hear all about what George Fox students have planned for the Mid-Semester Holiday. Granted, it’s only a three-day weekend, but it’s still our first break of the school year! I caught up with several students who were hanging out in the Bruin Den, getting some last minute studying and work done before the weekend officially starts. Their plans ranged from retreats and road trips to just sticking around the area and taking time to catch up on some much-needed sleep after a crazy week filled with mid-term exams.
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On Campus Worship Experiences

Students worship together before heading out for Serve Day.

By Heather DeRosa, Class of 2014

George Fox provides students with several opportunities to experience worship styles that are different than what they are used to, not to mention multiple ways to earn chapel credit. If you’re a new student and aren’t quite sure what’s available, or if you’re interested in trying something new, read on – you just might find the worship experience that’s perfect for you!

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Blast from the Past

Heather (center with green headband) and friends show off their ’80s style

By Heather DeRosa

The ’80s Dance is the first dance that George Fox holds every school year, and is in my opinion the greatest event of the year. As with most dances, most of the fun is getting ready for the event.

In years past, my friends and I have headed to the Value Village in Tigard to find some ridiculous 1980s garb. Last year, I found the perfect ensemble of fake snakeskin pants, a snake print T-shirt and a cheesy leather vest to round out the look for the night. This year, being on a budget, I decided to forgo the quest for a new outfit and resorted to combining my favorite ’80s gear from past years, with a few additional items borrowed from friends to achieve the perfect ’80s outfit. After piling on layers of eye shadow and blush, and using half a can of hair spray, we were finally ready for the night.
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