Who Is Your Favorite Professor?

We recently asked our Facebook followers to name their favorite George Fox professor. The responses poured in from current students and alums alike, and after tallying the results there was a clear cut winner: all of them! That’s right, 63 different GFU professors, both past and present, were given the ultimate compliment by their students. What does that say about the quality of the educators here at George Fox University? Simple. Pick a class, any class – you can’t go wrong!

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Target Commercials Feature George Fox Campus

Target recently filmed a series of commercials on and nearby the George Fox University campus, and the first five just hit YouTube. Two of the quick-hitting and humorous spots feature Pennington Residence Hall, while one was shot in Le Shana Residence Hall and another in Winters Apartments. A fifth and final spot takes place on nearby 2nd Street.

Each of the Wieden+Kennedy-produced commercials closes with the tagline “everything you need for college.” After watching the ads, however, more than a few GFU students and alums might have found themselves a bit confused thanks to some pretty major changes that were made to the dorm rooms. In one commercial Pennington’s trademark pullout beds have been replaced, while in another Pennington room sheet rock was used to cover the concrete walls. And, in perhaps the most confusing addition, a kitchen sink and counter was placed in the middle of a Winters Apartments room. Seven additional commercials were shot, but there’s no word yet on how many will be released.

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