Medallion Search 2011

From left to right: Tracy Berg, Dan Kephart and Spencer Eager with the medallion
College students aren’t known for having a lot of money. In fact, I would say that we’re known for doing just about anything for money, including digging through bushes and spending our free time researching our school’s history. At least that’s what many George Fox students do to win money during our annual Medallion Search.

One of the many clubs on campus is our Bruin Heritage Society Club. Along with their main role of keeping George Fox traditions alive, they also put on the annual Medallion Search. A small medallion is hidden somewhere on campus by the club’s faculty supervisor, then five different clues about the medallion’s whereabouts are released the next week, one each day. Monday’s clue is usually fairly broad, and each day the clues get more and more specific. I have participated in the Medallion Search two of my three years at George Fox (meaning I have hunted through bushes and looked up facts about our school’s history and read the clues so many times I thought my eyes would fall out of my head), and both times I have been present when it was found, but I have never been the one to find it.

Why might busy college students spend so much time looking for a small glass piece? It might be because of the honor and glory associated with being the one to solve the riddles and find the medallion, or it might be because of the $100 prize that goes to the medallion’s retriever. Either way, finding the medallion is no small achievement!

This year it was hidden back in the recesses of one of the gaps in the “George Fox University” sign on the east side of campus. Two of my friends, Spencer Eager and Dan Kephart, were the ones to find the medallion this year. While Dan was the one that actually found it, he told me that he and Spencer had spent a considerable amount of time searching and puzzling together.

I love the Medallion Search! Some people casually look for the medallion, and others get really competitive and don’t take the search lightly. I formed a few good alliances this year, and our combined efforts got us pretty close to the spot where Dan found the medallion. Now that the Medallion Search is over, I’ve moved on to anticipating Powder Puff football!


Tracy Berg Birthday: April 23rd, 1991 From Corvallis, Oregon Sophomore – Management major Favorite place in Newberg – Bald Peak Park I chose to come to George Fox because after I visited the school my junior year of high school, every time I'd say the word college, I just pictured myself walking across the quad here. It just felt right. Fun fact: Only item on my bucket list is to visit all 7 continents. So far I’ve been to Africa and Europe, besides the United States.