Free the 43

George Fox University students and faculty are raising awareness this week for 43 Filipino health care workers they think are wrongly imprisoned. Melanie Newell told us in this video what students are doing to help. Read an article about Melanie’s experience in the Philippines here.

December 17th Update from Melanie:

I just wanted everyone to know that the Morong 43 have now officially been freed!!
The supreme court passed the motion filed by President Aquino yesterday afternoon. The 43 walked out of the military detention center and into the arms of relatives and friends Dec. 16 around 11:30pm (Filipino time).

In a world full of challenges and difficulties, we have seen far too many situations like this going the other way against people. This story is a great reminder to us all that hoping, praying, gathering, and bothering to advocate for justice really does make a difference in our own lives as well as the lives of others.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima explained that there were many factors contributing to the president’s decision to release the 43 but none was greater than the actions of the prisoners themselves as well as their supporters, “as you know, there is a lot of clamor from both the domestic and international human rights communities for their release’.

Justice and hope reign; our 43 Filipino brothers and sisters are home for Christmas.

-Melanie Newell


Video Producer for George Fox University