Through the Mailbox

Each year George Fox hosts a film festival featuring the best productions from students over the course of the past two semesters. The festival committee puts on a great event at Bauman Auditorium where students dress up, walk the red carpet, and get awards for their amazing work. Each year that I have attended the films have gotten better and better. This year was no exception. Writer/Director Natalie Daly came away from the night with several awards for her short film “Through the Mailbox”. She says, “My cast and crew were great and committed to the project. We had a few 16-hour shooting days, but everyone had a great attitude about it. The editor and I pulled a few all-nighters to get the project ready for the festival.“ The film was one of three made as part of the Advanced Production Workshop course under the Cinema and Media Communication major at George Fox .

The cast and crew of “Through the Mailbox” receive their award for Best Picture.


Video Producer for George Fox University

5 thoughts to “Through the Mailbox”

  1. Such a wonderful film! Though I was severely under dressed at the Festival, I was happy to get to see the great work of the students. Will you be posting “Magic” as well?

  2. Way good… It’s amazing how well this project came together, you must a have all played well with others in the sand box back in the day, in order to make through the mail box….From sand box to mail box….Great Job!

  3. I loved it made me laugh,cry and so interested to see how it was going to turn out Great Job!!

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