Dorm Room Deja Vu

Freshman Andrew Janzen has a unique living situation. He resides in Pennington Room 205, which happens to be the exact same room his father, Tim Janzen, lived in for two years (1979-80).

“Dad and I didn’t figure out that we had stayed in the same dorm until a couple of weeks after school started,” Andrew said. “It shows that each room has a lot of history behind it. The funny thing is that I was assigned the other side of the room from where dad was. I guess we have taken over both sides of the dorm room now.”

Tim Goodfellow, the Director of Housing, said Andrew’s room assignment was pure coincidence. Interesting circumstances like this happen occasionally, he said, but never on purpose. “If we actually tried to do things like that, we’d never succeed,” he said.


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7 thoughts to “Dorm Room Deja Vu”

  1. that’s awesome.

    I cannot wait until my son goes to Fox. If he gets the same room I was in, that’d be awesome.

  2. wow oh wow…thats a walk back into the past! Those beds look the same as they did in 79-80!

  3. Even more amazing- It looks the same as my room did back in the 60’s. Is his room always that neat?

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