Weekend engagements

Even though Newberg is a smaller town, there are tons of things to do both in and around the city. With Portland only 35 minutes away, there are countless ways to spend your free time. With a little creativity, the possibilities are literally endless.

This past weekend, my two roommates and I were taken to the mall by three of our friend-girls.  We would have never guessed what they had planned for us that day…

Once we were in the mall, they told us the plan they had in store for us:

  • My roommates and I would each get $5 and 20 minutes
  • We each had to buy an engagement ring
  • We would then split up and go to one of three locations to meet up with a friend-girl
  • The girl we met up with would be who we would propose to IN THE MALL!!!!

When they told us the plan I immediately began sweating from nervousness, but I knew that there was no way I was going to back down from this task.

After we bought the rings (we settled for a pack of three rings from ICING for $12.50) and met up with our soon-to-be fiancés, we set out to different parts of the mall.

My roommate Brady went first and after Kaylee said yes, all the mall-goers in the surrounding area burst out in applause and cheers. It was hilarious.

I went next, and I proposed to Carly on the other side of the mall in front of Dick’s Sporting Goods (the ideal engagement spot). I was a little nervous and fumbled some of my lines, but I think the performance was still believable.

The last proposal took place in the food court, and it received the largest and most enthusiastic response.  It was practically perfection.

This weekend was a reminder of how far creativity can take you. No matter where you are, as long as you have fun, outgoing people around you, things are probably going to be pretty entertaining.