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One of the greatest things about George Fox, in my opinion, is the many study abroad options. If you have a passion for traveling and experiencing other cultures, like I do, then George Fox has opportunities for you! One extremely rewarding trip that George Fox offers is May Serve.

May Serve is a three week long mission trip to another country. The location changes most years and is a great way to serve the Lord all over the world. There is an application process and only about 20 students are able to go on the trip.

Last year about 18 students, including myself, were lucky enough to go to Nsoka, a tiny town in Swaziland, Africa. Through ministering to the people of Nsoko, we learned a lot about parts of the world that we so often forget about, experiencing things we had never dreamed of. It was incredible. Not only did I get the opportunity to love God’s people in ways that I never thought possible, but I learned a lot about the woman that God is making me into.

The May Serve 2011 team has been meeting all semester and they are gearing up for their upcoming trip to Peru. I will be praying for them and can hardly wait to hear how God shapes their trip.


Name: Bailey Ann Dekker Birthday: July 5, 1991 Hometown: Yakima, WA Major/Year in school: Sophomore, Organizational Communications & Spanish Favorite Place in Newberg: I love going to the docks on the Willamette River. Why you chose George Fox: When I visited during my senior year of high school I felt so welcomed at George Fox. Everyone was really nice and the atmosphere just felt right. One fun random fact about you: I went to Swaziland, Africa with the May Serve 2010 Team.

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