‘You have no idea!’

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 1.35.10 PMBy Heather Kurtz (Class of 2015)

This past month I had the awesome opportunity to represent George Fox University at two college fairs for high school students and their parents. With a great table layout and a head full of relevant facts, I was ready to use my education in marketing for our school’s benefit. After answering a plethora of questions and sharing my own “Be Known” story with others, I realized something so exciting: these high school students have no idea how George Fox University will impact them.

Putting myself in their shoes, four years ago when I was a high school senior, I remember being overwhelmed with making the most important choice of where my new home would be for the next few years.

I remember being insecure, quiet and fearful. I really had no idea that I would land in Oregon, at a small, private Christian college in the middle of the beautiful Willamette Valley. I had no idea that I would live in a dorm for two years and find some of my best friends there. I had no idea that I would study a major that would later develop into passions and career goals for my future. Through class projects, professors and jobs, I had no idea I would gain more knowledge, confidence and leadership skills. I had no idea I would partake in some of the best classroom opportunities that refined my education. I had no idea I would branch out and meet so many different people and have so many crazy college adventures I could never see myself doing before. I had no idea my faith would grow into a mature way of living, rather than just a title. And I definitely had no idea I would be on the other side of the table at a college fair, advocating for this amazing university. I really had no idea I would change so much because of George Fox, and I’m so happy I did.

As I talked to each student at those college fairs, I was filled with so much joy knowing that there was a chance that they would choose George Fox and it would change their life. It still excites me every time I get to talk to a high school student. I love helping them and giving them facts about the university. But my favorite part is sharing my story with them, because I am a walking example of what George Fox does. I’m able to personally look into their eyes, full of curiosity and stress, and say to them with confidence, “You have no idea!”