My Experience: C.S. Lewis Scholar Speaks on Campus

Hannah SmithBy Hannah Smith (Class of 2016)

Although students, myself included, encounter many distractions during their time in college, the central theme of a university is undoubtedly learning. Students are challenged to learn in classrooms, study groups, libraries and their own places of residence. That being said, it stands to reason that for many, this is the most opportune time to take advantage of academic resources, including extracurricular lectures. Just as a student may borrow a book from a library, or use university connections to gain access to resources, they also have numerous opportunities to learn from intellectuals outside of their academic sphere.

Recently, I was thankful that George Fox provided me with an opportunity to listen to a wise and intelligent man speak about his passion. Doctor Michael Ward, a C.S. Lewis scholar, visited campus several weeks ago to speak about his groundbreaking insight into The Chronicles of Narnia. Ward discovered that the seven books in the series, which had long been considered to be thematically unconnected, were really based upon medieval astronomy. With great interest, I listened as the speaker explained how each book correlated to a different planet and the ancient ideas associated with it. I found that this lecture was not only intellectually valuable, but also gave me a deeper understanding of C.S. Lewis and the Chronicles of Narnia.

Dr. Ward’s lecture completely challenged me to think deeper than just what was on the surface. He inspired me to take something that I am passionate about and explore it wholeheartedly. The greatest things in life are difficult and challenging, but sometimes they are truly worth the struggle. I am grateful that I got to hear from an inspiring man talking about his passion in life.