Freshman Year All Over Again

10687366_10203661829999702_5112495758339695251_o (1)By Alexis Cavanaugh (Class of 2017)

No, I did not fail freshman year, nor am I finishing up some credits from freshman year. However, I am living in a freshman hall again. It all started last year when my roommate, Libby, applied for a resident assistant (RA) position. She had been hoping all year to get this job and we talked about rooming together again if she did. Well, at the end of February, she found out she got the position! She officially asked me to be her RAR (RA’s roommate) too! So from then on we made plans and got so excited for this year. Summer went by really quickly and we talked about how excited we were to journey with our group of girls this year. August rolled around and it was time to move back again.

It felt like deja vu moving into Edwards Hall and putting all my decorations up because our room is almost exactly set up like how it was last year in Pennington. From day one all of the girls were so welcoming and so excited to meet me. They all moved in about a week prior, so Libby talked about me and shared some stories from last year so they already knew my name and a little about me! Now that we are about halfway through the first semester, everyone is settled in and we generally know all of the people in Edwards.

I live on the first floor of Edwards so we only have nine girls. All of them each so unique and so sweet. Every week we have what we call “Family Night” where all the girls are welcome to come hang out in our room and take a break from homework. We have snacks, play a game or just watch funny YouTube videos. These have been some of my favorite times getting to know them and be in community together. It’s funny how even though we all live on the same hall, we can get caught up in our daily routine and not take time to actually see how each other are doing. That is why I love these family nights.

As for the whole community in Edwards, I have been loving it! Every Sunday night, the RAs on duty make chocolate chip pancakes for everyone to snack on. Food always brings people together in a place like Ed. It’s so neat to be a part of such a fun, inclusive community. There is always a ping pong or pool competition going! One thing that has stuck out to me the most is how many musicians we have this year! I love that I can walk out into the lobby area and hear people playing guitar and singing worship. How neat is that?

It is so great that I get to experience this all over again. I love hearing my roommate plan out floor events and fun things to do with our girls. This has just been the first seven or eight weeks of the year and so many memories have already been made. I am so excited for all the memories and events to come!