Worship with Passion


By Devon Halvorson (Class of 2017)

Recently my friends and I had the opportunity to see Kristian Stanfill and the Passion Worship Band perform on campus. Passion is a band, and also a conference, that travels around the country, encouraging student through worship and prayer. We were lucky enough to have them stop by George Fox and share in a night filled with music, dancing and prayer.

The night really began when the band started playing, lights began to flash, and students rushed to the front of the stage to dance and worship. The music was great and it was fun to see not only Fox students, but also other members of the Newberg community worshiping together. It was an awesome night shared among classmates and friends.

About halfway through the night, the music slowed down and everyone took a seat for a short message. The speaker shared encouraging words and focused on Passion’s favorite verse, Isaiah 26:8. He spoke about how God designed us to worship, but we often “misplace” our worship in worshiping other things. The message really encouraged me to ask myself where I tend to misplace my worship, and reminded me that everything I do should lift up Jesus.

The rest of the night continued with singing and dancing. The music, so clearly centered on Jesus, created such a welcoming and pleasant room to be in. The end of the evening left me far more joyful and encouraged than an average homework-filled Thursday night. It was so wonderful to be in community with my friends and have the opportunity to worship together.