ADP Graduate Success Story: Jim Ferraris

FerrarisDegree: Bachelor of Arts in Management and Organizational Leadership (2013)
Current position: Deputy Chief of Police, Salem Police Department

How would you describe your experience at George Fox?

My experience at George Fox was outstanding! The George Fox motto is “Be Known.” That was so true – I was known at George Fox. I have a busy life, both professionally and personally. Staff and faculty did everything they could to make furthering my education workable within the demands on my life. Several professors and instructors stand out. To name a few: Frank Barsotti taught human resources. He was a perfect fit. He has years of experience working for HP as a global HR director, responsible for more than 30,000 employees. I learned a lot from him that I am able to apply in my professional life. Carol Hutchinson was another fabulous instructor. From a spirituality perspective she helped me grow as an individual. Dr. George Byrtek was another great professor. He shepherded us through the MGOL program, always was available to us and pushed us to be better.

How have you changed or grown since coming to George Fox?

I have grown exponentially since completing my degree at George Fox, both professionally and personally. I think the turning point was when it hit me that I was finally done. The 26 months I had invested were complete and I had a diploma to prove it! My satisfaction with George Fox was contagious to the point that my 30-year-old son enrolled in the same program at George Fox that I did and he is scheduled to graduate in May 2015.

How has your education impacted your career?

I work in a world of folks who are educated professionals from a variety of disciplines. While I am very experienced in my field and enjoy a great reputation, both locally and nationally, my confidence always lacked because I did not have a formal degree. Now I am more confident in my day-to-day work, when dealing with people and groups and when speaking publicly. Having a degree from George Fox makes me a serious contender to be a police chief, which is a career aspiration of mine.