Engineering Major Lands NASA Internship

NASA Portrait-2Engineering major Joseph Truitt lined up a great internship this summer in the rotorcraft aeromechanics department at the NASA Ames Research Center!

Here’s what he’s working on: “I’m working with a radio controlled (RC) model of an aircraft called a V-22. It’s a tiltrotor aircraft, meaning that it has propellers which point upwards for it to fly like a helicopter and can also pivot forward to fly like an airplane. There are well-trusted methods used for testing full size rotorcraft (any aircraft with rotor blades, like helicopters). The goal is to see if those same testing methods will be accurate for smaller-scale aircraft, such as an RC model. So the project that I’m working on takes those full-sized testing methods and uses them on the small-scale RC model to see how accurate the results are.”

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