Meet the Class of 2014: Kacee Woods

Kacee WoodsHometown: Federal Way, Wash.
Major: Art (concentration in fashion merchandising)

Q: How would you describe your experience at George Fox?

A: My experience at George Fox has been both enriching and fulfilling. I have learned a lot about myself and what I can contribute to the world around me. I have grown spiritually and love the atmosphere and the ability to “Be Known” on campus. I have met some people who I consider to be lifelong friends and am grateful for the space Fox provides to grow relationally. Above all, I will remember the people and the impact they’ve had on my life – my roommates especially. Whether it’s holding each other accountable, laughing for no reason at the crack of dawn, or having intimate conversations at 3 in the morning, I have been extremely blessed by the relationships I have built with my roommates. I am truly grateful for the opportunity Fox has afforded me to be surrounded by some amazing people.

Q: How have you changed or grown since coming to George Fox?

A: Since coming to George Fox I have changed the way that I think about things. I used to be someone who didn’t really embrace change, and through my interactions with others I have learned to have more grace and just go with the flow. A lot of unexpected things happen in life, and you have to be able to let God lead and not try to take the lead yourself. Our help comes from the Lord, not our own might. A specific experience that had a significant impact on me while at Fox was experiencing Walkabout as an RA (Resident Assistant). As part of our journey hiking the South Sister, we summitted the mountain! Eight years ago I was told I’d never walk again and even hiking part of the mountain seemed impossible. As we stood atop the mountain I was reminded of God’s faithfulness and just how AWESOME He is! Before I left, it looked like a scary thing that was impossible to do, but after the fact my mindset changed. God was with me the whole way and will continue to walk with me throughout life. It was definitely a moment I’ll never forget!

Q: What’s next?

A: The age-old question: what’s next?! As a fashion merchandising major, I’ll be working in retail gaining more experience that will prepare me for a career in retail management. I’m currently anticipating a summer internship with Nordstrom in their Retail Management Internship program, which will provide me with a paid internship over the summer followed by a job offer in sales or management. I’ll be traveling to Texas for the internship. Later on down the road I am interested in grad school, either for organizational leadership or seminary.