Meet the Class of 2014: Lacey McNay

LaceyHometown: Quincy, Wash.
Major: Elementary education (endorsements in middle school science & ESOL)

Q: How would you describe your experience at George Fox?

A: Looking back, my experience at George Fox has formed a colorful and unique tapestry with relationships, fun and learning patched together with the red thread of Jesus weaved throughout it all. There are so many great memories that l will remember from my time here, including: going on walkabout, being the RA of Pennington 2, hiking up to Multnomah Falls at 11:30 p.m. with friends the Thursday before finals week, traveling through Europe on Juniors Abroad with some of my best friends, and getting to spend my senior year here with my sister Libby, who is a freshman!

Some of the people who have had the biggest impact on me would definitely be my professors. I admire the ways they have challenged me and offered me their support as I have learned about and tried my wings at teaching. They never hesitated to remind me to think critically and to try something new, whether it was a new way to teach a concept or to integrate technology into the classroom. There were times I would try something and it would completely flop and yet they would be right there asking me how I could tweak it to make it work. They never gave up on me, and that is a gift I will always cherish!

Q: How have you changed or grown since coming to George Fox?

A: Each year, each month, each week, even each day, has held points of growth for me in my time at Fox. But I would say that a powerful turning point was after I returned home from Juniors Abroad. I had the privilege of traveling from Paris to Rome with 27 other wonderful people and seeing some of the most beautiful places in the world. I came away from the trip enriched not only by the culture I was able to experience, but also by the new friendships I made. But the biggest place of growth I saw was in myself. After my trip, I had a new perspective of the world and my life, and that brought with it a confidence that I have been able to take with me into to my teaching, friendships, faith, career goals and the new experiences that lie ahead of me after graduation.

Q: What’s next?

First, I will be heading home to Quincy, Wash., for the summer. Here I will be able to relax and gear up for my first job as a sixth-grade math and science teacher at East Elementary School. This job opportunity will mean moving to Tillamook, Ore., in mid August and I could not be more thrilled for this adventure! I am excited to live in such a beautiful location and from what I have heard, a wonderful community. I will miss George Fox University, but the impact of my time here will go with me as I begin to teach the next generation of possible Bruins!

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  1. You are so awesome Lacey! I’m so thankful that you are part of my story here at Fox. I cannot wait to teach with you in Tillamook next fall! 🙂

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