Meet the Class of 2014: Benjamin Holtrop

Ben HoltropName: Benjamin Holtrop
Hometown: Independence, Ore.
Major: Art (concentration in studio art – photography and mixed media)

Q: How would you describe your experience at George Fox?

A: My experience at George Fox has been one that has deeply influenced my life. I have learned so much about community, trust and faith through faculty and friends. I can remember freshman year being so excited to be part of this community and thinking to myself, “I have four years of this!” and being super excited. I have grown so much in my decision-making; and through mistakes, papers and tests, I have found that life is short so just go for it. The grace that is shown at Fox has allowed me to really learn about myself and to honestly ask questions about life. I can’t believe that those four years are rapidly coming to a close. I will truly miss this place.

Q: How have you changed or grown since coming to George Fox?

A: I think one way I have changed since being here is definitely the way I interact with people. I have always been a social person but Fox has really taught me to be intentional with those around me. I have learned to listen more and to really love people for who they are regardless of where they have come from. I have also learned that doing what you love is so important. Passion and hard work will go far, people are meant to be loved, and don’t sit on the canyon benches unless you really have to. Those are some of the lessons that I have learned while walking the paths of George Fox.

Q: What’s next?

A: What’s next? Well, that’s the question I keep asking myself. I will take one or two years off of school and during that time I will continue to run my own photography business and pursue freelance art direction and editorial photography for some lifestyle quarterly publications. At some point, the plan is to attend graduate school and get my MFA. I know for now I want to be creative no matter what form that might look like, and that to me is pretty exciting.