There’s always something going on

1618419_350858118385315_2031761627_n-2By Rebekah Binderim (’16), social work major

At George Fox there is never a shortage of things to do.  What are some of my favorites?

There is attending a home basketball game and screaming at the top of your lungs with your fellow classmates, wearing your Blue Zone shirts. You and everyone else rise to your feet watching the final basket swish through the net and all at once the gymnasium explodes with excitement, your own voice getting lost amongst the chaos.

Or perhaps it’s grabbing a blanket and your closest friends to watch a movie down in the amphitheater, reliving your childhood through a classic or watching a new movie. At the beginning of every year there is a Movie on the Lawn event where a movie is played on a large projection screen in the campus amphitheater.

Maybe you like attending larger events such as the Dating Game, an event that happens around Valentine’s Day each year. The Dating Game is a traditional game show that features a bachelor and bachelorette choosing dates based on the answers of three anonymous contestants. I enjoy the hilarity of the questions passed so casually between contestants and watching as the guests begin to realize they actually might know each other. Listening to the embarrassing and possibly incriminating stories of your fellow classmates is also fun.

Or, maybe that’s not quite your scene either. You might like a night of dancing beneath the light of the moon while gentle waves rock the boat. Below deck you can hear the beat of the music and feel the bass beneath your feet. Everyone is dressed to impress and ready to have an unforgettable night while cruising the Willamette River for the Sadie Hawkins Dance.

If you enjoy watching emerging talent, then the upcoming Mr. Bruin event would be more your speed. In this annual contest several guys compete from each grade with a talent such as juggling, singing or even interpretive dance.

If you are like me you might think all of these things are great. But my best experiences have been spending time with everyone in the George Fox community. This place provides a unique atmosphere and a sense of acceptance and security. The place where I feel this is best shown is the annual beach trip with Edwards and Coffin dorms. School had just begun and we all packed into our cars and headed for the coast. With the sun as our beacon we flocked to the water and spent hours playing in the surf and sand.

To participate in any of these activities is a guaranteed great time, and if you have yet to I highly recommend you get started!