The Main Event

By Keri Potter (’15)
Photos by Quincy Woo (’15)

Laughter, community, spirit, support, shared experience; these are all key to the annual Main Event at George Fox University. The Main Event has become a traditional competition of “minute to win it” style games played between six different living areas. As a junior at Fox, this was my third Main Event. Each experience was new, exciting and memorable in its own way.

During my freshman year at Fox in 2011 I was a part of the dominating team, COED (Coffin and Edwards)! Decked out in red (our living area’s color), my red face paint smearing off with sweat, we celebrated our victory. My favorite parts of that celebration were the relationships formed through the shared experiences. The women on the hall of Coffin 2 East would forever be part of the victory. It created camaraderie at the beginning of the school year that lasted throughout our freshman year.

Sophomore year was a much different experience, but just as wonderful. I saw the Main Event that year as an opportunity to help people connect with others in their living area the way I had experienced it the year before. Helping others become connected and building memories was what my second Main Event (2012) held, and the memories were incredible. I had never seen sportsmanship in the fashion that my living area, PCWB (Pennington, Carey, Wilcuts and Bebe), and HMS (Hobson, Macy and Sutton) had when we tied for last place! It was almost more of a celebration than the year before being on the winning team.

This year’s Main Event (2013) has a special place in my heart. It was a humbling moment. I am a part of the HAW (Houses and Apartments West) living area. We were not first or last, but fell somewhere in the middle of the final rankings. We were not the largest team or the smallest team; again we fell in the middle. This sounds mediocre and not at all exciting, but it was a blast! Even though we fell in the middle of the pack, everyone still had incredible attitudes.

This year, I celebrated the Main Event internally. It was a good reminder of why I fell in love with the George Fox community the first time I had ever stepped foot on campus. There was laughter abounding, support and cheers being yelled until most voices were lost. There were lifelong memories being made around me. This year, the Main Event wasn’t about who won or who lost, it was completely about the shared experiences, about choosing to buy into the wonderful community George Fox is building daily. It was about living life with one another, not about competing with one another. I was humbled to see the love, laughter and support that were shown through a friendly competition. It’s moments like these that shape my college experience in a positive way, and reaffirm that George Fox University is my home.