Spring Retreat 2013: Zip lines, huge swings and worship

Shekinah (center) with Asher Seevinck (left) and Dave Wilton (right) from Loud Harp, a Christian band that performed at the retreat.
By Shekinah Davis, Class of 2015

This spring retreat was held at Trout Creek Bible Camp in Corbett, Oregon. We arrived around 7 p.m. on Friday night and were greeted by a beautiful starry sky and tall pine tress all around. I went up with a small group of four friends and we arrived before everyone else.

One of my friends in our group of four had worked there several times over summer break. He was super excited to show us around. We walked around in the dark, tripping, stumbling and laughing at one another simultaneously. He pointed out the gym area and the chapel, and mentioned that there was a zip line and an awesome tree house that we could visit in the morning. He showed us several other places, including a cabin and lounge.

The last thing he showed us before we met up with the rest of the arriving groups was probably what would end up making my semester. He took us to a swing. This however, was not an ordinary swing; it hung 20 feet in the air – and did I mention it was dark? In order to get on it we had to ascend a flight of stairs, step out onto a small wooden ledge, pull the swing behind us and jump. All that said, even though I was a little scarred at first, it was the most exhilarating and fun thing that I have probably done all month, as well as zip-lining in the dark the next evening!

Although there were plenty of fun activities, meals and down time, if I didn’t mention the amazing time spent worshipping Christ and praying as a community I would be disregarding the whole experience. At retreat we had the privilege of hearing from Josh White, pastor of Door of Hope in SE Portland, our speaker for the weekend. He spoke of fearing God, loving God and the true meaning of servanthood.

We were also incredibly blessed by Loud Harp (check out their music on Spotify), a band consisting of two individuals (Asher Seevinck and Dave Wilton) whose focus is to sing of the peace that Jesus brings in the midst of doubt. It was so beautiful seeing God move in that place as we sang lyrics like “When my heart is giving out – You hold me together.”

Overall, the weekend was so much fun and such a blessing: zip-lining, singing around the bonfire, praying with one another. Be sure to make the next retreat. It will most certainly be an unforgettable weekend!