Anson Gets Cozy in New Home

By Barry Hubbell

The story of 2000 George Fox graduate April Anson’s home has gone nationwide. But the house itself could also make the same journey.

Her tiny home, just 19 feet long and 8 feet wide with 130 square feet of living space, is mounted on a heavy metal trailer chassis. Nearly homemade in Portland, it made the move this fall to Eugene so Anson could pursue her graduate studies at the University of Oregon.

Looking like a child’s playhouse, her home features recycled materials and is parked on family property where she can access electricity and account for waste disposal. Its minimal size is what draws the attention. The Huffington Post headlined her home “A Dream Come True,” and stories and pictures ran in newspapers across the country.

Designed by Anson and constructed with the help of friends and relatives, the house cost about $8,500. It has a 6 ½-foot by 7 ½-foot living room, a 4-foot by 6-foot kitchen space, and a 3-foot by 6-foot bathroom. A 6-square-foot loft accommodating a mattress can be reached by a ladder over her bookshelves.

Anson, 33, says the experience is “like sleeping in a summer camp cabin.” She adds, “I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet.”

“Everything turned out 10 times better than I had ever hoped,” says Anson, adding that having less space was a bigger adjustment than having less stuff.

After teaching high school in Forest Grove, Ore., for six years, Anson returned to Portland State to earn a master’s degree before enrolling at the U of O to pursue a PhD in literature and the environment.


Visit Anson’s blog at to see more pictures.

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  1. Every since we moved into a small house (440 square feet)in 1998 I have loved this concept and understand part of her experience. Small houses are efficient and easier to take care of than big ones and when you pare your stuff down, it is less of a burden/stress.

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