A Taste of the Intellectual Feast

Professor Paul Anderson presents “A Bi-Optic Hypothesis” at the most recent Intellectual Feast.
By Heather DeRosa, Class of 2014

Intellectual Feasts happen about twice a month at George Fox’s Newberg campus. Typically, an Intellectual Feast is an event where a faculty member from the Religious Studies Department – or occasionally a guest speaker – gets the opportunity to share their research or hypothesis with their colleagues, students, and anyone else who wants to join in and feast on new knowledge and theory.

This month, Professor of Biblical and Quaker Studies Paul Anderson presented “A Bi-Optic Hypothesis,” which delved into his Theory of Interfluentiality between the Johannine and Markan Gospels – clearly an interesting topic for many judging by the amount of people who packed into the Hoover lounge to hear him.

An E-nouncement about the event sent out to the George Fox community summed up it up best: “For a century and a half, the leading gospel-composition theory among New Testament scholars (the Synoptic Hypothesis) has sought to explain possible relations between Matthew, Mark and Luke — leaving out the Gospel of John. In recent years, Anderson sought to advance a theory that explains the place of John among the gospels.”

The intellectual feast provides students, faculty and others who attend an opportunity to hear professors speak on topics they wouldn’t ordinarily hear about during normal lectures or on a daily basis throughout the semester. Especially in Professor Anderson’s presentation, rarely do we get the chance to hear the comparing and contrasting ideas between the Gospels, as well as a strongly-educated and well-researched opinion about the matter.

Keep an eye on those campus E-nouncements as the date, time and location for the next intellectual feast will be posted there.