George Fox Has Talent

By Heather DeRosa (’14), Photo by Shekinah Davis (’15)

George Fox students recently got a chance to showcase the best of their talents at the World’s Got Talent show. Sophomore Onjalai Flake hosted the event. Not only did World’s Got Talent provide an evening of fun and laughter for students, it was also used as a fundraiser for SCORR, an annual conference to equip student leaders with tools needed to start racial reconciliation.

World’s Got Talent was one of many events that were part of GFU’s Cultural Celebration Week. This event in particular focused on students from other cultures and other parts of the world showing off their talent.

The talents varied from accordion playing and Mexican folk dance to spoken word, singing and playing the drums. The evening started with a Mexican Folk dance, which was followed by a few vocal performances and then a hula dance. The host of the evening even conducted a few interviews with students who were sharing their talents. It’s always a fun time when Onjalai is running the show.

After attending World’s Got Talent, I was pleasantly surprised at just how talented the student population is here at George Fox. These students clearly worked hard at perfecting their acts – not an easy commitment to make during one of the busiest times of the semester!