What to Expect from Bruin Preview

By Heather DeRosa (’14)

Bruin Preview is a time here at George Fox when we literally open up campus to prospective students to show them just how great GFU really is. Prospective students get the chance to meet professors, hang out with current students, spend the night in the dorms, attend classes and in general get an idea of what university life is all about.

Students typically arrive on Thursday afternoons to check in with the admissions department, then they head out on a campus tour. On the campus tour, they will get well acquainted with buildings and various departments on campus. Next, preview students head to an opening session to get them excited to spend the next 24 hours as a George Fox Bruin. They are then handed off to current student hosts to hang out on campus and spend the night in on-campus housing.

Typically on Bruin Preview Thursdays, there are all kinds of events for both prospective and current students to enjoy. During the most recent Bruin Preview in November, the student coffee shop here on campus, Brewin’ Grounds, gave away free drinks (with a coupon, of course) to preview students and had a concert for all to enjoy. After enjoying one of the evening activities, students head back to their on campus housing to find out what campus life is really like. When I came for my preview weekend back in the day, my student hosts and I played Catch Phrase until 1 a.m. It was a perfect way to get a taste of what the next chapter of my life could be like. Prospective students have to be at breakfast at 8 a.m. (bright and early if you happened to be up all night playing Catch Phrase). This is usually the time that prospective students bid farewell to their student hosts from the night before.

For those who didn’t stay the night here on campus, Friday begins with prospective students and their parents enjoying breakfast. Then all visitors (whether they stayed the night Thursday or not) get the chance to sit in on lectures in a wide variety of departments starting at 9:40 a.m. As the day goes on, prospective students get to chose whether to go on another campus tour, head out on a student housing tour, or go to a student-led worship service. Preview students can even sit in on the global oppurunities session, where you can hear about semester off campus options, or the infamous Juniors Abroad trips that students get to go on the summer after their junior year. The day then winds down starting at 2:40 p.m., when those crazy admissions counselors hand out prizes and host a closing session to conclude Bruin Preview.

While Bruin Preview may seem like a lot of shameless self promotion from the university, from my experience they’ve held true to their promises. Being known by your professors, small classes and a Christ-centered community are all things that truly do exist once all of the prospective students head home. There really is no place like George Fox University.


Heather is a junior journalism major at George Fox. She writes for The Crescent student newspaper and the university blog.

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