Meet Your Homecoming King and Queen

By Heather DeRosa (’14), photo by Emily Jackson (’16)

Meet Joe Djanga and Tracy Berg, this year’s Homecoming king and queen. Joe is from Beaverton, Ore., and is an athletic training major. Tracy is a business major from Corvallis, Ore. Tracy will graduate this spring, and Joe will graduate once he finishes the athletic training program in a few years. Interesting fact: Tracy was a Homecoming princess her freshman year, and now homecoming queen her senior year. Tracy’s roommate described her experiences on homecoming court as bookends to her time at George Fox.

This hilarious duo sat down with me to share their thoughts on their recent coronation as queen and king.

“My friends said I probably wouldn’t win,” said Tracy. “The MC’s were talking into the mics, they were doing a drumroll, the speakers were pointed into the audience, I didn’t even hear my name called.” Added Joe, “I heard Tracy’s name, but I didn’t hear mine.”

“It was really fun because I know Joe the best out of all the guys,” continued Tracy. “We go way back, I voted for [him].”

“I was surprised I was nominated, even more surprised that I won,” said Joe. The duo lived out their duties fully over Homecoming weekend. “Shake hands and kiss babies,” Joe said when he was asked about his duties as king.

“The next night we went to an alumni dinner,” said Tracy. “It was fun, we got to talk to alumni from the ’60s, and alumni who were on the May Court.”

It’s no surprise that these two were crowned king and queen. Joe is a resident assistant on campus, and Tracy is an intern in the admissions office. Both are well known and respected among the student body.