Alumni Return to Old Stomping Grounds

By Heather DeRosa (’14)

This past weekend George Fox combined Homecoming and Family Weekend into one big event. Hundreds of alumni returned to the place they once called home, and current students got to show their families the campus that they have come to love. Here are two of their stories.

Rick and Jeanne Korver of the class of 1982 met their freshman year in Pennington Hall. They have been married for 32 years, and all of their kids have gone to George Fox. “I met my wife here, I love this school,” said Rick. Jeanne said that her fondest memory of her time at George Fox was “remembering the day that Rick walked by the window. But, spiritually and educationally, being in Bible classes with Dr. Carr, he made the Bible come alive for all of us. He also cared for each one of us personally. He knew all of us.”

“You don’t get that at a State University. You are one of 500 students,” added Rick. Continued Jeanne, “There was lots of laughter, lots of caring, lots of prayer.”

Sharon Jackson (left) and Cleta Crisman (right) from the class of 1972 were roommates their freshman year on the first floor of Pennington Hall. “It’s changed a lot, but I think they did a good job,” said Jackson. “When I was walking around yesterday it still feels like Fox, just bigger. My daughter went here, it’s her 10 year reunion. Its kind of fun for us. Great times, good friends, and good memories.”