What are you doing this weekend?

By Heather DeRosa (’14)

Today I set out to to hear all about what George Fox students have planned for the Mid-Semester Holiday. Granted, it’s only a three-day weekend, but it’s still our first break of the school year! I caught up with several students who were hanging out in the Bruin Den, getting some last minute studying and work done before the weekend officially starts. Their plans ranged from retreats and road trips to just sticking around the area and taking time to catch up on some much-needed sleep after a crazy week filled with mid-term exams.

Vice President Jessica Stanton will head out to the beach for an ASC retreat.


Senior Bailey Dekker will be road tripping to Washington State University in Pullman to visit her best friend.


Senior computer science major Duruo Li was undecided about his plans for the holiday. He said he would most likely study for some mid-terms that take place next week, and possibly head up to Mt. Hood.


Portland Urban Services Coordinator Mary Owen will travel to Montana with a small group of other George Fox students to participate in the Wycliffe Bible Translators Race to 2025. Currently, their plan is to leave early Friday morning and return late Sunday or early, early Monday morning. Wycliff Bible Translators Race to 2025 is a global mission to have a Bible translation project in every language by the year 2025. The team of four George Fox students has raised $2,000, all of which will be going to Cameroon to help nine different tribes with Bible translations. This will be the first group of students to participate, and hopefully more George Fox students will participate in future Race to 2025 events.


Kenzie Davis, arts, culture and features editor of The Crescent, said she plans on baking delicious seasonal treats, getting caught up on sleep and maybe heading out to a local pumpkin patch.


Kaylena Charpentier will be hanging out with friends, playing games and spending some time off campus.