On Campus Worship Experiences

Students worship together before heading out for Serve Day.

By Heather DeRosa, Class of 2014

George Fox provides students with several opportunities to experience worship styles that are different than what they are used to, not to mention multiple ways to earn chapel credit. If you’re a new student and aren’t quite sure what’s available, or if you’re interested in trying something new, read on – you just might find the worship experience that’s perfect for you!


Shalom happens every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. It’s usually in the Cap and Gown Room, but check the SpiL at Fox Facebook page before heading out, since it will sometimes be held at various locations around campus. With the school year just getting started, last Tuesday’s Shalom message was given by Toni Snyder, ASC’s Christian Services Director. Toni oversees all things Christian Services here on campus – including Urban Services, Community Services, Missions, Serve Trips and Little Bruins – and she gave students a taste of all sorts of different ways to serve.

Shalom is run by students with the help and guidance of Rusty St. Cyr, Associate Pastor of Ministry and Service. It can best be described as an hour of worship and teaching. Worship is usually much longer than the time given in chapel, and the message is usually brief but packed with meaning.

The best part about Shalom is that the message is usually much more laid back and calming than what you’d hear in chapel.


Greenroom happens every Friday during chapel hour (10:40-11:30 a.m.) in either Bauman Auditorium or the Foxhole. As with Shalom, be sure to check either the Spiritual Life Facebook page or your Spiritual Life calendar to find out for sure where it is being held.

Greenroom has more of a do-your-own-thing atmosphere compared to other worship opportunities. The lights are typically turned off, the crowd of students attending is typically smaller than regular chapel or First Friday worship, and students usually come ready to spend some quality, quiet time with God. Much like Shalom, Greenroom is student-led worship, but without a prepared message.

Unfortunately, you cannot receive Chapel Credit for attending Greenroom, but it is worth experiencing at least once, and is the perfect way to finish out a long week of classes, homework and exams.

First Friday Worship

First Friday is held – you guessed it – usually on or around the First Friday of the month. It is similar to Greenroom, except that the lights are not completely off in Bauman and it is usually led by the chapel band.

While First Friday does not have as much of the do-your-own-thing feel as Greenroom, it does give students one more style of worship to experience.

The next First Friday Worship service will be held on Friday, Oct. 5.

Contemplative Worship

Contemplative Worship is held every Friday at 10:40 a.m. in the Prayer Chapel, which is located directly behind Edwards dorm. Contemplative Worship is usually led by Associate Pastor of Christian Leadership and Friends Leadership Jamie Johnson, and provides students with some silent time spent with each other and scripture.

During last week’s Contemplative Worship, students read out of Genesis 3, and were led through a five-step prayer exercise.

With college being such a busy time of life, it was nice to have 50 minutes of the day to spend in silence, in a conversation with God. It is also helpful that Jamie works through a prayer exercise to keep the focus on the scripture of the week.


Abide is a women’s group on campus led by a handful of female students and staff members dedicated to giving women some time in intentional community. Abide has small groups that meet once a week – sometimes with a faculty or staff mentor – and are focused on topics like relationships and body image. With Abide technically being classified as a club on campus, as well as being divided into small focus groups, it is important to fill out an application if you want to be a part of this group.

For more information on specific meeting times and how to apply to be in a focus group, contact Jere Witherspoon in Student Life.