Blast from the Past

Heather (center with green headband) and friends show off their ’80s style

By Heather DeRosa

The ’80s Dance is the first dance that George Fox holds every school year, and is in my opinion the greatest event of the year. As with most dances, most of the fun is getting ready for the event.

In years past, my friends and I have headed to the Value Village in Tigard to find some ridiculous 1980s garb. Last year, I found the perfect ensemble of fake snakeskin pants, a snake print T-shirt and a cheesy leather vest to round out the look for the night. This year, being on a budget, I decided to forgo the quest for a new outfit and resorted to combining my favorite ’80s gear from past years, with a few additional items borrowed from friends to achieve the perfect ’80s outfit. After piling on layers of eye shadow and blush, and using half a can of hair spray, we were finally ready for the night.

When we arrived to an ’80s beach-themed EHS Atrium, there was a DJ playing only the best music of the ’80s as well as countless crowd surfers and sweaty George Fox students. The dance lasted from about 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., giving us two full hours to show off our ridiculous outfits and even more ridiculous dance moves. When the DJ announced that he had just played the last song of the night, students started shouting for one more song. Thankfully he complied with the request, providing us with an extra half hour of dancing.

On our way out of the dance, my friends and I couldn’t help but talk about how this year’s ’80s dance was the best one any of us had been to. We weren’t sure if it was the beach theme, that we knew more people, or that this year’s ’80s music was actually songs that we all knew. Despite the crowd surfers, and an over abundance of sweaty people, it was another great event hosted by ASC!