‘Am I really a senior?’

By Tracy Berg

When people ask what year I am in school and I say, ‘A senior in college,’ I do a double take – am I really a senior? Is this actually my last year before they kick me out into the real world to do my own taxes and wear clean clothes to work? When I was still preparing to start my first year of college, I can’t tell you the number of times that I was warned to enjoy every minute because it flies by. I took that to heart, and I have enjoyed almost every minute (well, maybe not the 180 minutes I spent on my statistics final last year), but the past three years have still felt like a whirlwind.

As an admissions intern this past summer, I was able to help out with checking in new students at orientation. I was stationed right outside Pennington, the dorm that I lived in my freshman year. I told students as they walked past carrying boxes overflowing with school supplies and clothes that Pennington is a great dorm to be in, and to make sure and get some studying done in between all the different activities.

I’m sure that more than one student was wondering who this overly zealous admissions worker was to give them advice about living in Pennington, but that’s where some of my best college memories were made. I met my current roommates there freshman year; I learned that I’m pretty bad at foursquare during our late-night tournaments; and more importantly I quickly figured out who had a car and would want to adventure to the coast or to Portland on a Saturday.

I’m still convinced that I’m not actually a senior and that I have a few more years to make some memories in Newberg and get my act together before applying for “real-world” jobs. It’s crazy to think that it was only a little over three years ago that I was the one carrying overflowing boxes into Pennington 116 to start a new chapter of my life. I love looking back and seeing how wonderful these past years have been, and I assure you, I am definitely going to make this last year at George Fox University count.