International Photo Contest Results

George Fox students are are given many opportunities to study and serve abroad, so it only makes sense to have a contest that celebrates the people they meet and places they visit. Over 300 submissions were received for the 2012 International Photo Contest, which were then pared down to 30 student and 15 employee entries. Winning submissions from both students and employees were announced in several categories: culture, landscape, people and best of show. Scroll down to see some spectacular photos.

Student Submissions

Best of Show: Anticipation – Shekinah F. Davis

First Place, People: Hopeless Soles – Shekinah F. Davis

Second Place, People: Kidogo Joy – Kimberly Russel

Third Place, People: Make a Living on the Sea – Trang Nguyen

First Place, Culture: Vietnamese Family – Toby Nguyen

Second Place, Culture: Al-Siq – Sonja Tange

Third Place, Culture: Warrior Dance – Lanise Griffin

First Place, Landscape/Architecture: The Hidden Temple – Amanda Graber

Second Place, Landscape/Architecture: Over Still Water – James Brown

Third Place, Landscape/Architecture: Stuck in My Head – Aaron Cooper Swor

Employee Submissions

Best of Show: Glory – Rachel Madore

First Place, People: Untitled (Beijing, China) – Robby Larson

First Place, Culture: Untitled (Shanghai, China) – Robby Larson

First Place, Landscape/Architecture: Diamond in the Rough – Rachel Madore