A Season to Remember

A perfect 32-0 record heading into the NCAA Div. III championship game gave way to injury and disappointment for the George Fox women’s basketball team, as they fell to Illinois Wesleyan University 57-48. But despite not reaching their ultimate goal, it was nothing short of an inspiring and memorable season for the Bruins, filled with pride, emotion and last second heroics. Join us as we take a look back at a special season through photos, video, and messages from President Baker, All-American center Hannah Munger and the fans.


The women’s impressive regular season showing garnered some major media attention heading into postseason play, including this report from KATU News.

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Relive the tense final moments of the Northwest Conference championship game, where a three-pointer at the buzzer by Lewis and Clark almost put an early end to the Bruins’ postseason run.

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It wasn’t just the players who benefited from the experience of a deep NCAA Tournament run. Here, KFOX broadcaster Chris Lumsden gets his first glimpse of the White House on the way to the Final Four site in Holland, Mich.

In their own words

President Robin Baker joined the women’s basketball team in Holland, Mich. for the Final Four, and kept Bruin fans up to date via his blog. Read all his posts.

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Recently All-American center Hannah Munger sent President Baker an update on the knee injury she suffered in last Saturday’s NCAA Div. III championship game, and a message for her fans. Read it on our blog.

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Bruin fans flocked to the university’s Facebook page after the championship game to express their appreciation for a great season. Here is a sample of the comments:

Marta Goertzen – Very poud of the Bruins, it was an incredible game to watch.

Onjalai Flake – I am so proud to be a Bruin! God has allowed you guys to come so far and bring together the entire Fox family. We we will gladly welcome you home as OUR CHAMPIONS!!! Great Job. ♥ you guys!!!!

Lynette Zwerneman – what a battle. what an amazing team and program. everything DIII is supposed to be about. so proud to know George Fox

Yuk Sun – What a great season and teamwork this year. Win like a team, lose like a team! Go Bruins!

Kaitlynn Rudberg – So proud of how far you guys came!!

Kristina Kays –
Our BRUINS shine! We love you.

Cindy Coolen –
Good job lady Bruins!! Proud to be a Bruin parent! Hannah, here’s to a quick recovery! God Bless you!

Mary Morter Freeman –
What a great game. Be proud!!

Rob Blanck – Love ya ladies!

Joel Larson –
Great game girls! I’ve been impressed with your teamwork and sportsmanship all season long, and I always know I can look forward to more of the same. Great run this year, and good luck next season! Hope Hanna gets well soon, and congrats for our two All-Americans Keisha and Hannah and coach of the year Meek!

Bruce Owen –
Hope Hannah is okay and will mend quickly. Great job ladies!! Thanks for the great season and all the GFU spirit. You all are Champions as far as I am concerned.

Susan Barnett Bos – Good job ladies…Proud of you!!!

Dennis Sinclair – 
There were 30 other teams that didn’t get to play in the championship game…I think we did well! Congratulations on a great season ladies!!!

Tamara Spiess – Howard Congratulations on a great season ladies! Proud to be a Bruin!

Kaitlyn Garcia –
 I am proud to say I am a bruin!

Nate McIntyre – Great job ladies, you fought hard!

Keith Brown – You all showed what you’re made of on the court tonight. Great game, Bruins!

Rebecca Belknap – I am still very proud to say I am a bruin. Graduating did not change that. Neither does currently going to grad school at a conference foe. Still a good day to be a bruin! Congrats to everyone on the team but especially to this year’s seniors. They all stepped up very well during the game.

Mike Foster – 
Some fun observations how our GFU sports teams support each other: 1) the baseball team cheering on our Bruins yesterday near the athletics office and 2) the track team arriving back from a meet and both students AND coaches running across the driveway to see the last few minutes of the game

John N Carri Hallock –
The way you young ladies rep Jesus Christ, you are more than national champions to me, you make me proud to be a Bruin, you make me proud to have you as sisters in the faith!