Destination Australia

Junior Aaron Swor misses everything about his experience in Australia – even the commute

Alarm goes off, I snooze it. Alarm goes off, I snooze it. Alarm goes off, I look at the time and realize I only have two hours until my first class. Now, normally two hours is more than enough time to get ready for the day and get to class. However, when you are living in Sydney, Australia, and you have to take public transportation to school everyday, two hours is hardly enough.

This was pretty much my daily routine. I had to scramble to get ready, make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and run to catch my train. My daily commute consisted of a 10-minute train ride, a 5-minute walk, a 30-minute bus ride and a ton of waiting in between each mode of transportation. My friends and I began looking up alternative routes just to keep things interesting.

Even though the commute was exhausting and frustrating, I miss it every single day. Studying abroad for a semester was one of the best decisions of my life. I got the opportunity to live in Australia for four months. I still have a hard time believing it – it almost feels like one big dream. But I think about it everyday. The relationships I made will last a lifetime. I think every student should try to study abroad, because it will, without a doubt, change the way they view the world.

Aaron (left) and friend Paul playing didgeridoos

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  1. Hi Aaron,

    I completely understand how studying and living abroad can completely change you. If you’re interested in sharing your study abroad experience in Australia with others, feel free to get in touch with me. My digital magazine, Native Foreigner, is for travelers like yourself who have recently returned from a long-term trip abroad.


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