“If you come to George Fox, who knows where it will take you.”

Junior Chris Lumsden got the chance to follow the George Fox women’s basketball team to the NCAA Div. III Sweet 16 in Fredericksburg, Va. But first there was a stop in front of the White House, followed by a Presidential traffic jam.

By Chris Lumsden

This has been a truly incredible trip. Getting to broadcast a Sweet 16 game in Virginia is one thing, but being able to go visit the White House? Epic. Shortly after recording this video yesterday, my friend Justin and I were leaving town until an SUV cop blocked the road right in front of us. We were so mad. Why is this guy blocking the road? Ten minutes after that, about 30 cops and a big black limo came rolling through the street. Any guesses? It was the President’s motorcade. First we visit his house, then we see him driving down the road. Truly unbelievable. It just goes to show how awesome my experience attending George Fox has been.