Gungor In-Studio Interview

Mike and I got the opportunity this week to sit down with the band Gungor for an interview and acoustic performance. They were on campus to lead worship in chapel and also play a concert that night in Bauman. Before setting up for the interview, I went down to a packed Bauman auditorium to film them play a worship set. They played one of their new popular songs “Beautiful Things” and got a great response from the student body. It was a powerful experience. How cool is it that on a normal Wednesday afternoon, you as a member of the George Fox community get to be engaged in worship led by a Dove Award winning artist? Mike went to lunch with the band while I went down to the studio to setup for the recording session. When Gungor arrived at the studio, it became obvious that they a band that loves to jam. Within seconds they had their instruments out and were tuning up and messing around with licks on the guitar. A few minutes later we were setup for the interview thanks to my trusty video production assistants Natalie and Megan.

After the interview, we did a quick sound check and the band decided to play “Dry Bones”. They said it was their first time playing the song with this acoustic arrangement.

Next they grabbed a banjo and did an awesome version of “You Have Me”, another song off their new album.

Special thanks to Gungor for agreeing to the interview and special thanks to Mike, Natalie, and Megan for helping to make it happen without a hitch!


Video Producer for George Fox University