My Experience: Bruin Basketball

15978387102_a8817ccaf1_hBy Sammy Naluai (Class of 2016)

“I believe that we can play. I believe that we can score. I believe that we can win.” As we chant in the women’s locker room the excitement builds each time we say these words in unison. We squeeze each other’s hands tight in our pregame prayer and set our minds on our collective purpose that is greater than ourselves: to sell out for each other, this community, and for Christ. The jitters build until we slap the doorframe and rush into the gym as a unit. Pre-game routines are followed to a T, as to prevent any jinx, and then the buzzer sounds to end warm-ups. Our rituals, secret handshakes and specific order to stand in line during the National Anthem are all necessary components to preparing ourselves for the battle ahead.

George Fox women’s basketball opened up our season by hosting the Tip-Off Classic followed by a quick trip to the Midwest to take on some of the D-III powerhouses in Milwaukee. There were high hopes as well as high pressure for these two weekends that would play a large role in postseason regional and national rankings. Read More

The Return of Bruin Football

By Sammy Naluai (Class of 2016)

The wait is over – they’re back! The hype of football season has been building slowly for well over a year and the games have finally begun. Two games into their season and George Fox is still bustling with talk and support for our new football program. Football might be the most prevalent topic of conversation on campus right now. Not only is it exciting for us to welcome hundreds of football athletes to join the George Fox community, but they are bringing so much to the campus as well.

The largest impact they have had is in building community engagement. It was awesome going to the football games and seeing members of Friendsview Retirement Community walking across the street to come be a part of the unveiling. Recruits from different states drove out to experience the first game and see if they would want to be a part of the program. Partnering restaurants brought food carts to set up a tailgating area and thousands of fans poured into the stadium to fill our bleachers with cheers of encouragement. Read More

Bruin Pride


By Tayler Main (Class of 2015)

Being a senior at George Fox has been great so far, and to top it all off, our football season has begun! On Saturday, Sept. 6, students gathered to attend the university’s first football game in 46 years! Hundreds of students showed up days before to pick up their tickets; no one was going to miss out on their chance to see history being made.

Being in the stands was a crazy event. There were faces painted and even a few full bodies. We all waited for the moment we could cheer on our team as they came running onto the new field.

George Fox has added two new sports in the last year. Women’s lacrosse played their first ever game last spring with the same support and enthusiasm from Bruin fans. Read More

A three-step guide for student-athletes in the college search process

Taylor-Martin-2By Taylor Martin
Assistant Director of Athletic Recruiting

As I was touring my first campus during my junior year of high school, I was aware of the classroom experience, the dorms and the cafeteria, but if I’m being honest I was mostly thinking about my appointment with the coach that concluded my visit.

“How much should I talk?”
“Should I brag or be humble?”
“What questions should I ask?”
“Will he like me?”
“Will I make my shots in open gym afterwards?”

All of these questions swirled in my head and distracted me from really allowing myself the space to feel comfortable on that first visit. This one visit was a pretty good reflection of how too many student-athletes (including myself!) go through the entire college selection process. With that said, there is a better way to determine where to go, and it all comes down to how much work you are willing to put in on the front end.
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Looking back at my time as a Bruin

By Megan Arnoldy, Class of 2014

The change of seasons from summer to fall comes with a number of different things: pumpkin spice lattes, brisk mornings, colorful leaves, and of course, basketball season. As many students around campus get excited for the holiday season, the George Fox women’s basketball team gets ready to lace up for preseason games. October and November mark the start of basketball season and we couldn’t be happier. Read More

An Update from Hannah Munger

All-American center Hannah Munger recently checked in with an update on the knee injury she suffered during last season’s NCAA Div. III championship game.

Hello again everyone!

I just wanted to give a quick update on my knee. Thanks again to those who have been praying and asking about me. My Juniors Abroad trip to East Africa in the month of May was absolutely fantastic! I got to see and experience so much while traveling through Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zanzibar for three weeks. The Lord blessed me with good health and a strong knee the whole trip. I felt his presence very strongly while traveling and his hand of protection over me the entire time.

And now it has been over six weeks since my surgery in Portland on May 30th. Dr. Colville took such good care of me and delivered the good news of a successful surgery. There was no other damage found besides a torn ACL, which was repaired with my hamstring tendon. Dr. Colville even expressed his surprise when he didn’t find any meniscus damage, and I know the Lord had a hand in that.

My mom drove up from California to stay with me and take care of me post-surgery, and my roommates and teammates continue to support me now. I have been meeting with a physical therapist and doing pool therapy, and have been told my recovery is right on target.

This summer I am living in Newberg and have been blessed with job opportunities that allow me to focus on my recovery and getting ready for the upcoming season! I am most definitely planning on having another great season and am going to come back fighting even harder! Again, thank you to all who have expressed concern and prayer for me during this time. I am overwhelmed with how taken care of I am in this community and am so thankful for the encouragement and support.

Many blessings, and I’ll see you all in December!

Hannah Munger

A Season to Remember

A perfect 32-0 record heading into the NCAA Div. III championship game gave way to injury and disappointment for the George Fox women’s basketball team, as they fell to Illinois Wesleyan University 57-48. But despite not reaching their ultimate goal, it was nothing short of an inspiring and memorable season for the Bruins, filled with pride, emotion and last second heroics. Join us as we take a look back at a special season through photos, video, and messages from President Baker, All-American center Hannah Munger and the fans.
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A Message from Hannah Munger

Earlier today All-American center Hannah Munger sent President Baker an update on the knee injury she suffered in last Saturday’s NCAA Div. III championship game, and a message for her fans.

President Baker,

First, I want to tell everyone in the Newberg and George Fox community how much your support and prayers have meant to my teammates and I this past season. We have been incredibly blessed to be a part of such a faithful and loving community. This support has been especially encouraging to me during the time of my injury from Saturday’s game. My doctor and the George Fox Athletic Training staff received the results from my MRI and have informed me that I tore my ACL and bruised a bone in my right knee. I am in the process of scheduling an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to discuss what the next steps will be. There are many things I have to consider before making any future decisions so please continue to pray for me as I talk with my family, the coaching staff, my teammates, and the athletic training staff to make these decisions. Ultimately, these uncertainties will become clearer after I meet with my surgeon when I get back from spending time with my family in California for spring break. I will be sure to keep everyone informed as I begin to gather information and make my decisions. Again, thank you to everyone for offering up so much support. I feel truly blessed to be a part of such a community.

-Hannah Munger

“If you come to George Fox, who knows where it will take you.”

Junior Chris Lumsden got the chance to follow the George Fox women’s basketball team to the NCAA Div. III Sweet 16 in Fredericksburg, Va. But first there was a stop in front of the White House, followed by a Presidential traffic jam.

By Chris Lumsden

This has been a truly incredible trip. Getting to broadcast a Sweet 16 game in Virginia is one thing, but being able to go visit the White House? Epic. Shortly after recording this video yesterday, my friend Justin and I were leaving town until an SUV cop blocked the road right in front of us. We were so mad. Why is this guy blocking the road? Ten minutes after that, about 30 cops and a big black limo came rolling through the street. Any guesses? It was the President’s motorcade. First we visit his house, then we see him driving down the road. Truly unbelievable. It just goes to show how awesome my experience attending George Fox has been.

Meet Coach Casey

On Tuesday, Feb. 28 George Fox University announced the hiring of Chris Casey to lead its new football program in 2014. The move to acquire Casey, who won a state championship with Aloha High School in 2010, was big news on the local sports scene. Here’s a taste of the coverage:

Video from the press conference:

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