George Fox Has Talent

By Heather DeRosa (’14), Photo by Shekinah Davis (’15)

George Fox students recently got a chance to showcase the best of their talents at the World’s Got Talent show. Sophomore Onjalai Flake hosted the event. Not only did World’s Got Talent provide an evening of fun and laughter for students, it was also used as a fundraiser for SCORR, an annual conference to equip student leaders with tools needed to start racial reconciliation.

World’s Got Talent was one of many events that were part of GFU’s Cultural Celebration Week. This event in particular focused on students from other cultures and other parts of the world showing off their talent.
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Cultural Fair 2011

The sights, sounds and flavors of several different countries were on full display at the 2011 Cultural Fair, part of this year’s Cultural Celebration Week. International students created displays with information about their home countries, offered up samples of their favorite foods and even dressed in traditional attire.

Study Abroad Options

One of the greatest things about George Fox, in my opinion, is the many study abroad options. If you have a passion for traveling and experiencing other cultures, like I do, then George Fox has opportunities for you! One extremely rewarding trip that George Fox offers is May Serve.

May Serve is a three week long mission trip to another country. The location changes most years and is a great way to serve the Lord all over the world. There is an application process and only about 20 students are able to go on the trip.

Last year about 18 students, including myself, were lucky enough to go to Nsoka, a tiny town in Swaziland, Africa. Through ministering to the people of Nsoko, we learned a lot about parts of the world that we so often forget about, experiencing things we had never dreamed of. It was incredible. Not only did I get the opportunity to love God’s people in ways that I never thought possible, but I learned a lot about the woman that God is making me into.

The May Serve 2011 team has been meeting all semester and they are gearing up for their upcoming trip to Peru. I will be praying for them and can hardly wait to hear how God shapes their trip.

Cultural Celebration

Best. Event. Ever. OK, that might be a slight exaggeration, but the Cultural Fair in the Bruin Den on Tuesday was a lot of fun, and the food was incredible. International students set up table displays with information about their home countries. They also brought a delicious and dazzling array of dishes for students to sample.

Students received a “passport” at the entrance, which they took to the numerous tables. They had to figure out how to write “I love you” in the different languages represented.

The Cultural Fair was part of Cultural Celebration Week on campus, which is meant to inspire cross-cultural interaction between students, staff and faculty. On Monday, chapel speakers Ben Sand and Anthony Jordan – Portland Leadership Foundation Executives – spoke about “Stepping into Each Others World.” There was a Coffee and Culture meeting that evening. The Cultural Fair was Tuesday. On Wednesday, Ben and Anthony spoke at chapel again, which was followed by a Talk Back session. Joel Perez, the Dean of Transitions and Inclusion, spoke about “Reflecting the Diversity of God’s Kingdom at GFU” during an afternoon meeting. There was also a World’s Got Talent show in the WoodMar Theater. The Cultural House held and open house on Thursday, and the weekly Shalom gathering focused on spiritual formation and reconciliation.