Bruin Madness

This past Saturday was the first ever “Bruin Madness,” an event created to bring George Fox fans together to cheer on and support the Bruin Basketball teams to victory, which they did. Before the game was a tailgate party where Fox fans could make signs, paint their faces, spray their hair blue, and of course chow down on the best food the Bon has to offer; tater tots (and other good stuff). The atmosphere during the games was incredible as fans screamed excitement, hissed bad judgment and of course, did the wave. From shirts to painted faces, this blue zone crowd made it almost feel like we were in a state school. Go Bruins!  After the games students clamored to the post-game blowout to eat food, rock loud music and celebrate the Bruin victories.

Late Night Breakfast Fall 2010

Each semester on the day before finals start, ASC collaborates with the Bon to serve a late night breakfast to all students attending George Fox as a much needed study break. The event starts at ten, but students begin lining up much earlier anticipating the free late night meal. I arrived at the Bruin’s den around 9:40 and the line already extended from the Bon entrance through the Bruin’s den into the quad outside.  Students who had been there for a while sat together and played cards, worked on their laptops (either studying or playing computer games, I’m not really sure), or just hung out with their friends. Once the doors opened, the bon quickly filled up as students continually streamed through the buffet line, choosing between eggs, tator tots, waffles, muffins, donuts and ham. The food went quick, but the ASC committee and Bon workers refilled everything as soon as it ran out, and everyone went home happy.

Right in the middle of it all Tiffany Gilly directed everyone in singing Happy Birthday to Sarah Cadd, ASC activities director and co-coordinator of the late night breakfast.

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