Meet the Men’s Basketball Freshmen


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On and off the court, the George Fox freshmen basketball players stand tall. They are roommates, study partners, jokers, travelers and athletes. There are quite a few personalities to meet, and definitely some interesting stories. So in case you haven’t had the opportunity to personally meet any of these new faces on the team, here’s a “formal” introduction.

Mike MS

Michael Mercado-Smith
Favorite basketball player and why?
My favorite basketball player of all time is Michael Jordan. He is the most clutch player of all time. He was a winner, he had a competitive edge on and off the court, was a gentleman to the media, and was said to be a great guy to be around by his teammates.
Favorite/first memory playing basketball?
My favorite memory of playing basketball was beating the top team in Hawaii on my senior night.
My earliest memory of basketball that I could think of was when I was 5 years old and I would score 20 point each game. I would get most of my points with lay ups in the fast break, while double dribbling (because it was allowed at that age).
Why did you come to George Fox?
I came to George Fox because it is a Christian University that combines faith and education well, it is a small school that has a great community feel and you get to know your professors on a personal level, I got the opportunity to play basketball here, and I wanted to experience living outside of Hawaii.
Favorite joke?
Why are seagulls called seagulls…?
Cause if they flew over the bay they would be called “baygulls”?
Favorite quote and why?
“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” I like this quote because it tells me that I can achieve any goal that I set, if I have the right attitude.


Hayden Ford 
Who’s your favorite basketball player?
My favorite basketball player is Matt Delavadova (Delly). The Australian underdog who went from being undrafted in the NBA to locking down the reigning MVP in the NBA finals. He’s also set to release a signature shoe, the Delly 1s, so I’m pretty keen to get my hands on those. They’ll be the first Aussie signature shoe.
What’s one of your goals for this season?
My goal for the season is to reach the peak of hype during the half time warm ups by dunking and getting the whole crowd full of energy for the second half. If we continue the work we have been putting in everyday at practice, a deep NWC tournament run for the team would be ideal.
Do you have a funny basketball memory you can share?
During one of our first open gyms at the beginning of the year. I called out ‘oi’ to get one of my teammates attention. To me this is a normal thing to say back home in Australia. But here, it’s apparently not, so the team stopped and just laughed at me. They continue to yell “oi” at me at least once a day.

Adam S

Adam Schwarz 
Why did you come to George Fox?
George fox looked appealing because of the great business program, small school and the location close to Portland. I have already taken five business courses during my freshman year, enjoyed and learned a lot. I’ve made a lot of friends in my dorm, on the basketball team, and in the classes I have taken. George Fox is helping me make plans for my future of owning and operating my own business empire in the greater Portland area.
Favorite memory at George Fox?
I really enjoy the people that I have met at George Fox. My roommates are great, I enjoy the other students in my dorm, and all of the other kids I’ve met in my classes. It’s been fun to get to know other players on the basketball team. I’ve met people in my classes and around campus who come from different backgrounds and have varied passions, and it has been fun getting to know them.

Jad D

Jad Darger
Who is your favorite basketball player?
Favorite basketball player is James Harden (The beard) who plays for the Houston Rockets. It’s my ultimate goal is to grow out a beard and look like Harden because, maybe one day, I’ll be able to play like him!
Do you have any hidden talents we should know about?
My hidden talent is magic tricks. I’m surprisingly pretty good at being a magician. I have always been interested in fooling people, and now I can fool people with card tricks with a deck or something more simple, like a quarter.