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1965407_10151757514047537_147672717_oWe are so excited to bring to you this window into the department, where you can discover everything from upcoming events to awards shows, from student portraits to alumni stories, and topics concerning art today. There is so much beauty and talent within our walls at George Fox and beyond in our family that we feel it is a disservice not to share it with our larger artistic community. Thus the creation of this blog; we bring to light the gift we all have to create just as God first created. So I welcome to you sit back in your chair, sip your tea or coffee, and breathe in the creative air that surrounds you every single day.

As a little bit of background about myself, my name is Lauren (that’s me on the right) and I am currently a junior at George Fox. I am studying both English and Studio Art, with concentrations in Creative Writing and Photography, and also am the Creative Director for the university yearbook, The Student Collective. During the summers (and cold winter months) you can find me hiking around my home in Alaska, making lots of macaroni and cheese, and dreaming up the next big photo shoot. It is a huge honor to be a part of the Art & Design Department and to be able to head up and curate this blog, and it is my hope that you are enriched in both your creative and spiritual endeavors as you navigate through not only what our department looks like, but also through what it means to be a Christian artist. Enjoy!